Saturday, May 9, 2009

Disheartening News

A favorite new bookstore of mine just down the road is closing its doors. Provident Book down on State street in Pleasant Grove is going to be gone in a week and that puts the fire of Moloch in me. They have only been there for about seven months. I did a lot of my christmas shopping there and probably bought about 30 books since then. We even loaded up on more toys for the kids when we heard they were going to discontinue their toy lineup. Then they were going to have a book swap, which I thought was awesome. Now this. It frustrates me because of how much I had hopes for an independent book store in Utah County. I had hoped, if my publisher allowed, to do my book launch there come this fall.

Curse Ba'al's devils, Gadiantons must be afoot


Karlene said...

Gadiantons, maybe. But more likely the economy and construction workers. :)

Thanks for being such a huge support to the store. I'm really going to miss working there. And were we to still be open, we would absolutely have hosted your book launch!

David J. West said...

Thanks Karlene, I really appreciate all the help and advice you have given. Hoping for the best in all your future endeavors.