Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Forging Ahead

I am looking forward to the edits on my first 2, soon to be published books and I'm trying to understand marketing better for when they actually come out. Sounds like Sept/Oct for book one 'Heroes of the Fallen' and July of 2010 for book two 'Blood of Our Fathers'. Its exciting and almost unreal to think my dreams are coming true.

I am also putting together some short historical fantasy short stories for e-zines and brainstorming on something to submit to the Irreantum fiction contest which will be posted in August of this year, perfect for generating some pre book release buzz. As busy and 'not enough time' as I'm feeling right now, I wonder how breezy this will feel soon enough. Gotta keep forging ahead with life though and find the balance in all things.

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