Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heroes of the Fallen, concept cover art

I regret that I am not yet allowed by my publisher to show the advanced concept cover art. But I can tell you a little about it.

I originally hoped for something a bit more dramatic than what I am usually seeing on the covers of BofM fiction. Honestly if all wishes could be fulfilled I would have wanted Frank Frazetta to do my cover. He is one of my all time favorite artists, a very close second would be Arnold Friberg, but if wishes were horses . . .

Instead the artist has gone for a more understated look. Perhaps my ravings that my Nephites could not look like Aztec's was a bit too much. But its all good. A couple of my favorite authors book covers are also understated and if anything it has
perhaps only helped to set them apart from other fantasy covers.

I found Joe Abercrombies book 'The Blade Itself' at the D.I. and wondered Ok what is this? The cover caught me because it was so different and the blurbs on the back also snagged me, Scott Lynch's especially.

George R. R. Martin's a song of ice and fire series has gone from a typical enough (only cover wise) set to a new understated chromatic style. Each book only having a single outlined image. 1. A Lion for House Lannister, 2. A Crown, 3. A Sword, 4. A Crow, and upcoming book 5. a Dragon, that looks very similar to the Welsh standard
banners dragon.

In all this had actually made me think perhaps I wanted an understated cover and it looks like that's what I am going to get. I will post a teaser as soon as I can.


Heather B. Moore said...

Hi there. You didn't tell me your book is under contract!! Congrats. Did I miss the announcement somewhere?

David J. West said...

The last time we spoke at the Storymakers conference it wasn't. I got the phone call a week later, signed contracts, etc etc.
I'm knee deep in edits now but They are going well and I think I should have ARC's in August.

Th. said...


Art. Hoo. that can make or break everything. Good luck.