Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Inside Joke of the Singles Ward

No this isn't about things that only those of you who went to a singles ward would get, I'm talking about an inside joke in the movie 'the Singles Ward' and something I don't think much of anybody would get.
I got married in September of 2002, and I never went to a singles ward (and I married at 29). One of the things I wanted to share with my wife Debi was my movie collection, being a Utah County girl I had a lot of stuff she had never seen, one of which was 'This is Spinal Tap' the original great mockumentary of the fictitious heavy metal band Spinal Tap, although for a fictious band they do have a decent catalog, including releasing an album on the movies tenth anniversary, titled 'Break Like the Wind'

Long story short, the first time I tried to get her to watch the movie with me, we did not get any farther than perhaps a half hour in because of their performance of 'Big Bottoms' a tribute to well big bottoms. Admittedly it was rather crude.

Years later she was able to watch the full movie and laugh just not when we were newly married. In any case, ages later we were watching 'the Singles Ward' together (I had never seen it upon initial release). About an hour and twenty six minutes in as ZAK is attaching bungees cords to his beetle and just after Jonathan has had his late night reaffirmation of the gospel. Zak is under the beetle humming 'Big Bottoms'.

Of this there can be no doubt. A good friend of mine, is friends with Kurt Hale and I asked him to ask Kurt about it. Turns out my wife and I were the first ones to ever notice. So it was Spinal Tap. Also in 'Sons of Provo' the mormon boy band historian is Nigel Tufnel Jr.; because in Spinal Tap the lead guitarist is Nigel Tufnel, so yet another connection on the mockumentary level.

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