Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reviewing Poetry by Michael R. Collings

I recieved and read 'On the Morning of Christ's Nativity' by Michael R. Collings. It's an LDS Christmas/Easter piece modeled on Milton's poem by the same name. I'm not going to post it here, but I thought I might go ahead and put my little interpretation of it down. He wrote that my review of it was a pick-me-up. So I must have written something he liked.

Some stanza's just hit me right and I had to stop and think about them, in particular.

II line 3 And I wish that I were now in Other-When
perhaps because when I'm not writing enough myself, and just thinking I could be too much like Miniver Cheevy without the drinking.

X Some seek the safest way
That in stolen freedom lay
Where One will force each Spirit's right decision,
And joined in gleeful mirth
At those whose trial on Earth
Might end with them soul-bound by Sin's derision
While they who chose in fear this plan
Were garunteed safe-conduct back to God, as man.
This one hit me between the eyes. The some seek the safest way, stolen freedom lay. It is some of our oldest lore and yet I liked the new poetic way of referencing it. The theme is whats powerful. The very war in heaven and Paradise Lost itself are just elemental forces that force my attention and thought.

XIII- 7 and 8 Is this too great a burden still
For One so tiny, weak, and helpless to fulfill?
It took me to Bethlehem more than any of the rest thus far

XVI- 8 And fashions thus a vessel for our soul's exchange.
The imagery moves me, contemplating God fashioning the vessel.

XVII -2 He our full forfeit pays,
How true, without him we are forfeit, the wording is perfect here, to me I really hope Im not coming off as some kind of a hack. You're the Professor, I am a construction worker to pay the bills, writing and reading are my passions and I am hard at work to make writing a career but I sure do not presume to tell you 'Job Well Done' I can only say I know what I like (And I am at least a very picky son of a gun)

XX- Until each Heavenly Sphere
Bides, eager to draw near
The seat of Radiance and ethereal Throne;
Across the cosmic waste
Each planet waits in place
I think of Kolob here, that most celestial of planets not mentioned much anymore by anyone current.

XXII - 8 Renew the Plan and seek progression as His own
To me, it recalls Eternal Progression (in my mind and understanding a foundational universal law) can't understand why McConkie tried to nail it as a heresy

XXIII But no! it is not so;
For us there can be no
Other-Where or Other-When than here;
I know, I know, I remind myself constantly (see Miniver Cheevy remark) It is for the best, I chose to come to the here and now and must needs stop daydreaming of living during the Book of Mormon wars, thats what writing fiction is for.

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