Monday, May 25, 2009

Slicing and Dicing

I'm done with my editing (so far) on my first three chapters. The part that was surprising was how much my editor had me cut out of my leading ladies introduction. I wonder if perhaps, my explanations introducing a female character were overkill. In book one "Heroes of the Fallen" Bethia, gets more screen time than any other woman and I give that its considerably less than the bulk of other male characters but it's a 'Sword and Sandals' tale taking place during Mormon chapter one. Bethia is the daughter of the Chief Judge Onandagus, and a little rebellious. I hope that's not too overdone a stereotype. But in my experience stereotypes exist for a good reason.

So how many women would this saga justify? They are not in the thick of fighting. After all they're not Jaredites being slaughtered down to the last living person. (At least not yet)

So I have, Bethia, daughter of Miriam the Seeress, the wife of Onandagus.

Ofra, wife of Anathoth, a Tultec (Ishmaelite) general.

Lilith, the wickedest woman in the series.

Sayame, a Lamanite princess.

There are others but these five get the most face time and lines. I do plan on expanding the women characters for the upcoming books and hopefully writing them well enough I won't need to keep slicing and dicing on their motivation. I would welcome comments on what you would like to see (especially if it hasn't been done) and what stereotypes you are sick of.

Pic by the magnificent Kris Cooper. I say think Sayame, not Bethia, on her look, just my take.

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Rachelle said...

I think it will be fantastic to see more about women in the Book of Mormon since they are nearly nonexistent. Good luck!
I posted info about my new Ribbon Box on my blog, it’s so neat! If you’d like to see details, please stop by!