Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heroes of the Fallen: Summary 2.0

Ok, so that first one didn't grab anybody, too vague, that's what I needed to know. Here is another I wrote up about 10 months ago, can anyone give me constructive criticism, Th?

Heroes of the Fallen

This fast paced historical novel begins the saga of the fall of the Nephite nation as seen through the eyes of widely divergent characters as well as known Book of Mormon persons.
Zelph, a Lamanite who seeks truth despite his harsh background and once changed by the power of the Lord faces his greatest trial yet.
Amaron, Nephite warrior of renown who accomplishes the near impossible and still thinks of himself as cursed.
Mormon the younger, a boy of ten charged with becoming the chronicler of a fallen people during the greatest siege in three hundred years.
Bethia, the daughter of a prophet. She chooses to change her life and finds that sometimes when you run away you only get closer to where you want to be.
Anathoth, Ishmaelite servant to a vile king, bound by honor to do wicked deeds but what is true honor? And when can a man be pushed too far?
Onandagus, the Nephite Chief Judge, Governor and Head of the Priesthood; is the mounting pressures of the King-Men and the Gadianton's forcing him to lose his hold on his people? How can he save them from themselves?
Akish-Antum, Grand Master of the Gadianton's, a son of perdition and the wickedest man alive; he relishes pitting the Lamanites against the Nephites if only to increase his own power and prestige but what does he fear?
Uzzsheol, a Lamanite/Gadianton and enforcer of Akish-Antum's will, how many will fall under his knife in his quest to ensure Gadianton victory.
Aaron, youngest son of the Lamanite king Xoltec. Why does the Gadianton Grand Master take so much interest in him and what of the prophecy that he will someday destroy the Nephites?

These and many other vibrant characters clash as the fall of the Nephite nation begins and it is up to the Heroes of this fallen people to stand firm against tide that befalls them. The story opens with the final battle on the Hill Cumorah where a warrior under Mormon, laments how it all began. He remembers back to his youth in Zarahemla, the events in Mormon chapter 1 that began the first war after the golden age of peace and the decline of the Nephite civilization. Far away events are set in motion with the Gadianton Grand Master orchestrating the Lamanites to attack the Nephites. Multiple story arcs are weaved together giving a realistic portrayal of life in ancient America. From the preparations for war and conquest to the everyday needs of charity and redemption, the Heroes of the Fallen is a tale of sacrifice and faith that conquers all.

Lot more description here. So is this better?

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