Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heroes of the Fallen: Summary 3.0 . . . Fin

Liesel Autrey in marketing took the best from both worlds and compiled this and I am gonna call it quits on my handling of summary's.
Here is what she put together.

Heroes of the Fallen is a chronicle that dramatizes the tragic end of a great civilization. That era is now lost to us, except through oral legend, myth, and a golden book of lore.
Stand alongside daring heroes with swords bared against sinister villains, never knowing which will fall--Captain Amaron and his Ten Scouts, Zelph, the White Lamanite, and Anathoth the Lamanite General agonizingly loyal to the despised King of Tullan-- all must face the chillingly evil Gadianton Master Akish-Antum and his numerous followers.
Witness the plans of mighty kings and lowly thieves. See the dreams of Bethia, a prophet’s daughter, as she runs away from home seeking independence, only to find confusion and wickedness in a land at war.
Heroes of the Fallen is full of tragedy and triumph. It echoes universal themes of mankind: fear and courage, faith versus doubt, hunger for power and love, and sacrifice for the greater good.
Intensely researched, Heroes of the Fallen, is a literary work of art, presenting revolutionary viewpoints in a cross-genre's ancient American landscape.

Here is a link to my authors interview at my publishers website.


Melanie Goldmund said...

This summary sounds much better and more audience-grabbing. Now we readers are spoiled for choice when it comes to characters we can relate to! :-)

I liked the interview, too, especially the word "skull-crunchery." :D And yay for fanfiction!

David J. West said...

I appreciate that Melanie. If you e-mail (from the profile section), and give me an address I will make sure you get a copy for review at LDS Readers.

Morgan Deane said...

Your book sounds very interesting. I'm very low on cash but I may have to sin and put it on the credit card. And my wife just told me that you commented on my blog. Thanks for your interest, I hope I can help and reinforce what you have already researched.

David J. West said...

Thanks Morgan. The book isn't scheduled to come out until October, so theres a bit of time. I look forward to your insights.