Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crossing Over

I've been pondering after a number of things I have read online lately and I would like to hear what others may think of the idea on what it would take for an LDS novel to cross over into a semi-notable position within the national market. Not unlike any number of Jewish, Catholic, or Afghani books.

I personally can't think of anything that has done it yet by my standards. Just being an LDS writer with national success does not count as crossover to me. And for as big as some LDS series have been I have extreme doubt that they made any impact outside of the fold.

If its unclear what I am saying, I am thinking IF Bella had been LDS that would count, but she isn't so it doesn't. IF anyone outside of the fold read Work and the Glory that would count, but I don't believe it really sold outside.

I sure don't think for a cross over to happen it needs to be the great Mormon novel or even a Melchizedek novel (TH) but it does have to be good enough for people outside to care about a universal topic, which is why I don't think a conversion story could do it.

I am beginning to wonder if a cross-over novel will be done upon an inspired accident. What do you the viewers at home think?


Karen Gowen said...

"an inspired accident"...Yep, I agree with that because I don't think it could happen by design. When you try to do everything, or be too many things to too many people, you end up appealing to no one.

th. said...


Inpired accident? Certainly. No other way. If it could be calculated, it would already have been done.