Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Few Quick Pics For Inspiration

As a writer I know the travails of inspiration, the despair of doubt and heartache at lack of motivation so here is a few pics to help get ideas flowing again.

I saw this on Monster Quest:Bull sharks are coming up the Mississippi.
Those Israeli commandos are something else.
That guy is such a Nimrod.
Yes, Virginia, these are the Nephite cities.
How to show emotion in your writing.
Dinosaurs don't kill Chuck! Chuck kills dinoasaurs!
I made this to help you all feel better.


Daron Fraley said...

Stinking Awesome! Without the stinking.

Whoa. The planets are aligned with your post.... my word verification is: " jawst ".

Melanie Goldmund said...


Yeah, I'm waiting for inspiration to come one of these years, too.


Kimberly said...

Aw, you're just too good to us...

M. Gray said...

Haha--I love CAPS LOCK. Isn't it so very true?

Nichole Giles said...

Ha ha! My favorite is the shark one. Thanks for sharing.


David J. West said...

Thanks all, I try.

David J. West said...

Oh and Daron, I've noticed that too, sometimes I wondered if the word verifications were on purpose because they seem to tie in so well.

Kate said...

You had me chuckling on the how to show emotion.