Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back in The U.S.S.A.

I am back home after a venture to pay the bills in Washington state where nature conspired against me and gave me quite the bout of allergy related asthma, a condition I had heretofore never noticed. I was in the Tri-Cities area and not the lush greenery of Seattle which I am more used to. I did go to Seattle over the
weekend and made a few contacts for the sake of my book, which is always nice, I also found a nice little used book shop in the Pike City market area and couldn't help but feel I was transported to the Market bazaar of Zarahemla from Chapter one of my Heroes of the Fallen

In any case I bailed out of the Tri-Cities area early and made my way to Montana and my parents home, I loaded up on somethings that have been stored there for ages (a pair of my Spanish swords, and old saber, some African spears and loads of my old poems and writings from my teens and early twenties) I'll have to look over what is possibly viable for future works and possible posts.

On the way back to Utah I established a relationship with a couple more bookstore for signings, one in Montana and one in Idaho. Regrettably the book is pushed back a month so anyone expecting an ARC or even a review copy is going to be waiting a bit longer. Sounds like my release date is going to be November so I'll probably be doing a load of signings in Christmas time. I will be trying to venture as much as possible for promotions sake so its all good to be making the connections now I suppose.

Anyone willing to tell me what they have liked the most about book signings they have been to in the past? Readings? Giveaways? Pictures with authors? I had a pic of me and Andy Serkus at his book signing but I can't find it now. But that inspires me to do posts about a few minor celebrities I have hung out with-I'll tell my Jewel story next time.


Th. said...


Andy Serkus? "Minor"? Blasphemy!

M. Gray said...

Gollum! Andy Serkus was AMAZING playing him. I actually made a speech in college once about how the creators of LOTR actually used his movements in creating Gollum. That's so awesome you went to his book signing.

I'm so impressed with all your efforts, David. Actually traveling to various book stores is quite an undertaking. Let me know when you decide to make it out to the East coast. I would love to be there. ;)

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

You are so cool!!!

Please teach me. What did you say as you walked into these random bookstores? Were they pretty receptive? Are you going to put up a map with pinpoints to tell us where your booksignings are happening?

Daron D. Fraley said...

My favorite signings? Well, I liked them all. A few things come to mind... Those who gave away a bookmark, or took pictures, or had a special "tagline" they would add to their signatures were cool.

In fact, as I was thinking about their taglines I got distracted and thought about what I might write for my own. Thanks for the inspiring moment David! I just thought of a good one.

David J. West said...

Andy Sekus was way cool, but I wrote minor because I wasn't sure how many people would recognize the name or even had read his book about being Gollum. His book signing was crazy it stretched up one side the mall and down the other. It was supposed to be a signing only nothing else-but i asked for a picture and got it and I also told him I loved his work. I have seen a couple of his movies besides LOTR such as SHINER (english gangster boxing promoter)with Michael Caine-don't know that I could recomend it to most of you though (you see his wang-unexpected-unwanted etc)
In any case
Mary I will absolutely be shouting from the rooftops where I will be doing book signings when the time comes. Don't know about really making it out east yet though. Writers have to pay for such promotions themselves and I sure am not there yet financially, I will try to be throughout the intermountain west as I have friends in every state out here.
Tamara- you could teach me how to get so many followers for your blog already, as for talking to bookstores I haven't even done a signing yet of any kind but all the bookstores have seemed very receptive from Washington to Montana to Idaho to Provo. I just tell them I am an author and they have pretty much pushed the rest, they like the idea of a draw in their store even from an as yet no-name. The only issue of apprehension from a couple of them was IF I was self-published or not and since I'm not- it wasn't an issue.
Daron-I would definetly write a taglines for people and I have already thought about bookmarks and such-we'll have to see what I can do.

Melanie Goldmund said...

Hey, welcome back! Sounds like you had a busy but profitable time!

I didn't know that Andy Serkis had written a book, but I did enjoy his performance in Little Dorrit.

I've only been to three booksignings, and being less picturesque than Gollum himself, I would never ask to have my picture taken with the author. In fact, if they tried to insist, I'd make a hasty exit through the nearest door, window, or any other opening large enough to accomodate me.

I find it very hard to make conversation with people I've never met before, so it was good that two of those three signings were with people I'd at least "met" over the internet. Just thinking about this here ... it might help if the authors had at least one sample chapter up on their websites that I could read beforehand, and then I could at least say, "I really liked what I read and I'm looking forward to more." Some authors do, but you'd be surprised how many authors don't even have a website! *gasp*

A giveaway might help break the ice for me. Or perhaps even that type of thing where you spin the wheel (or pick a number) and either win a free book or a consolation prize. No, wait, the authors want you to buy the book, not take it away for free. Still, you must not underestimate the power of the words "chance to win." Having a drawing that people can enter would be okay, too, though I personally think it would be awkward to find out I've won only after I've returned to Germany.

Free chocolate at the signing would definitely loosen my tongue, at least to the point of saying, "Oh, wow, thanks, and I'll stop by your table again before I leave the store. Book? What book? You mean this one here under the bowl of chocolate bars?" (And then the Millenium goes by while I'm trying to decide which activity I like more, reading or indulging.)

Readings? I've never been to one, but I've love to go and see what it's like.

I hope at least some of this rambling post is helpful. :-)

David J. West said...

Thanks Melanie, don't know that I would give out a free book or not and probably not chocalate either but I may consider other things- just not sure what those would be yet.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Melanie, I loved your ideas! A drawing for a book would be great. First chapter posted online also good. And goodies! Everyone loves a cookie! I can do that!

Ha! I have time to think about this, but I'm happily stealing ideas.

David--I don't know how I got so many followers! I look at people who have been blogging for six months and have 156 followers and think, "wow! how did they do that?" I need to meet more people. I get excited every time I check my blog and I have another follower. (Now if only I could get all of them to comment...)