Sunday, September 20, 2009

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

On sheer principal I don't want to shill for Disney, but this movie is awesome. I first saw it in theaters when I was 5. And no I did not see the initial release,
back in the days before DVR's and even that most venerated of technological dinosaurs the VCR to see older movies again the theaters would re-release them again and again. I thought I was pretty cool seeing Star Wars 4 times.

I specifically remember going to see "Wizards" the bizarre Ralph Bakshi post-apocalyptic fantasy and "Darby O'Gill" in red satin covered theaters that smelt of burnt popcorn, the kind of place where your shoes made a tearing sound with every step because of how many other kids had spilled their pop. Pop is a regional dialect I think, that's what we said in Montana, my wife says Soda and that always sounds wrong to me like it's too formal or something I mean really who says Soda???

What I'm saying is Wizards and Darby O'Gill shaped some of my perceptions of fantasy as a kid. I saw them before I saw the Hobbit which in part may be why I thought it was so awesome, it took everything several levels higher. But I am gonna credit Darby O'Gill as one of my first steps for loving fantasy. Compelling characters that delight in fooling one another, believable villains which are a must in anything I consume and that magic of wonder in taking you to another place, you have got to have the wonder.

Ironically despite my age this was also my first exposure to my favorite actor Sean Connery. This was his second starring film I believe and I became a fan of his Bond movies when I was a little older-they are the only ones even halfway close to the books. But back on track, Darby O'Gill is one of those movies I had to buy a copy of to keep and watch every now and again. How I view Banshee's is forever ingrained into me from Darby, not even counting Leprechauns that's a given.

The other thing I liked a lot was the phrase "Put the come hither on you" a spell of sorts in which the Leprechauns could theoretically hypnotize a person to follow them to their doom. I always liked it so much that in my wilder days it came into my speech when talking to my friends about attractive girls as in "She put the come hither on you did she?" or just to annoy a girl who had the misfortune of being named such hollering "Katy! Katy!" but like Darby so it would sound phonetically like "KATEEEEE! KATEEEEEE!" If you have not seen the movie treat yourself and then you'll get my sick jokes.


Nichole Giles said...

Thank you! I agree with the whole pop vs. soda debate. I say pop, my husband says pop, and our kids--through no fault of ours, and apparently no influence either--say soda. Drives.Me.Bonkers!

Enough of that. I haven't seen Darby O'Gill for so many years, I don't even remember it. Now I'll have to go rent it! (Thank goodness for DVD players and current technology, huh?)

Karen Gowen said...

It's funny how a movie can become part of one's own personal culture, or family culture. Our family have several like that, one of which is Home Alone. Once my son and I were quoting it back and forth in front of company, ending with him saying: "I hate my family. Families suck." Me: "Fine, then maybe you should ask Santa for a new family."

I don't know why we were doing this. The company stood there appalled and open-mouthed, then my son and I started laughing, we couldn't keep it up any longer. It was hilarious, especially to see the looks on their faces.

David J. West said...

Thanks Nichole-it's a good one.

Karen- I wouldn't have gotten the joke I never saw Home Alone, just one of those pieces of reference humor where if you know you know and if you don't you don't.

L.A. DeVaul said...

I say soda pop. That way everyone wins. Except those crazies who call everything coke, even if it's pepsi.

David J. West said...

The only person I know who calls everything coke is my 4 year old and I suspect who will stop very soon.

jane finchwood said...

Why not call it what it is? Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fresca, Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, milk, water with flavor...

David J. West said...

Because if all you know in a dark theater is that you're shoes are sticking to the floor-it's just pop.

Theres a dollar theater nearby in American Fork that always plays kids movies. I can't remember the real name of it because everyone just calls it the "Sticky-Shoe" theater.