Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Stories Week 2. Damn You Nigeria

I am waiting for an ARC of Burn Me Deadly from noir-fantasy writer Alex Bledsoe I want to review it to spite the FTC and I want to see what happens next with his character Eddie LaCrosse the last review was here. And since I forgot to get the mail today, I decided to take a quick break from editing a short story The Hand of Fate that I shall be submitting soon to a Heroic Fantasy anthology Through Blood and Iron.

Anyway I went to get the mail at 11'O'clock at night. The ARC isn't there but a strange letter is. It says my wife has won the United State Lottery, they have been trying to contact us and we have won 55,500 dollars.There is even an initial check for 3,755 dollars to show us how real it is.

Yeah right.

We have to MONEYGRAM them 2,700 first to pay our taxes and then we get the rest. I google them and its those Nigerians again.

Now some might say "Hey when the prince of Nigeria asks you for help you help him."

Not me, I'm a real Pharisee when it comes to Nigerian princes. I would beat em and leave lying there beside the road, bleeding in the snow, uphill both ways.

That's my fresh scary story for Halloween.



Karlene said...

They must've contacted you after I turned them down. Sorry.

David J. West said...

Online it says 1 out of every 100 people actually respond and give them the 2,700. Oh well.

Jane Finchwood said...

I think you are supposed to help only the deposed princes of Nigeria. The regular princes are on their own.

David J. West said...

No way-beat em all-let Obama sort em out.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

That makes me really sad to think that 1 out of 100 people send the money. I suppose it's why they keep at it, they make a lot doing it. Except by now you would think that with all the negative publicity about Nigerian scams that as soon as anyone reads "send this money to Nigeria" they would instantly know not to.

What they should do instead is send pictures of starving African children and talk about how they want to feed and educate them if only they had enough money. And I bet even you would have sent at least 5 bucks. That would be a scam with a heart at least.

If there are any Nigerians reading this, I'm just kidding. No Americans would ever send money to help starving orphans. We only send money if we think we are going to get thousands of dollars in return. So don't try the orphan scam, it won't work here.