Saturday, October 10, 2009

Measuring : Poetry Saturday


I Burnt down Jezebel’s disco, shook Crom’s throne
Atlantis is sunk and Troy is skin and bone
And Mordor without a keeper is all alone

At my desk in hot and loathsome despair
I wonder with succor, where to go from there
Great words to match the former and with care

Sunder those rusty chains that enrapt your mind
Break free that grimmer dungeon locked in kind
Too long thou has sat, broken, bent and unwind

Cleave the oaken door, smite the iron bars
Stamp down the jailors, Baal, Loki and Mars
Alight to the window, jump to the stars

Across and beneath me they wheel in the sky
Floating and falling, old truth defeats the new lie
And the wonder of youth doesn’t have to die


The Debster said...

Beautiful baby. Just beautiful. Now I can endure my day.

David J. West said...

Thanks, I wrote that last night pondering as writers are wont to do on measuring that which has come before and what to do in the now that can compare.