Monday, November 16, 2009

Teaser Trailers

I have been pondering what works for book trailers and have come away largely unsatisfied with what I have seen thus far-by and large most trailers I have seen have not convinced me that I want to read that book and find out what happens.

I have seen a few very well made trailers but some of them even dropped the ball in telling me too much-why read the book now?

So I am trying to find a balance. To tell you what its about enough to intrigue and entice and yet still not too much so you have to read the book.

This trailer is probably the closest I have found (this week) to what I hope to accomplish. Lets see how much I rip it off in a couple months, eh?


Kate said...

Study the camera work. That has a lot to do with why you like it. The angles, the cuts, the colors all create the emotion without giving the plot away. (IMO)

David J. West said...

Thanks Kate.

L.A. DeVaul said...

The Book of Mormon has never looked so exciting. I am looking forward to your trailer.

I never saw one until after I made mine. I didn't want to be influenced. But now I have seen a few, and none that I like. They are always so loooooong. Anyway, what am I saying? I don't know. I wish you luck, I hope it turns out well.

David J. West said...
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David J. West said...

Thanks L.A., I don't plan on mine being any longer than this either

Nichole Giles said...

David, have you seen the trailer for The Mazerunner? SERIOUS coolness. Totally like a movie trailer, sound effects, lighting, complete awesomeness.

Try pasting this into the address bar, then click on the video marked for Mazerunner. Although, I guess you can watch them all...

Tell me that isn't the best book trailer you've ever, ever seen!


David J. West said...

Hey Nichole,
thanks I've heard a lot about Mazerunner but had not seen the trailer yet. I suppose my beef with it is I would not have known it was a YA book-if I knew nothing about Mazrunner. I would think it was SAW derivative.

Nichole Giles said...

Having not seen SAW, I can't see the similarities. =) But having read the book, the trailer spoke to me. Maybe the trick is finding a happy medium?

If only we could have movie studios and actors at our disposal to create our trailers!

Hey, if you decide to film one, I want to help. Or at least learn about your process.