Friday, December 4, 2009

Some of my faves from Twitter

These are mine and just thought I would post them here to clear the palette.

Who is Tyler Lautner? And why do people keep telling me I look just like him but with a better body?

Mink fur protesters in the local news have a sign that says GOD HATES FUR. IF thats true why did he give it to animals?

Free kindle e-book from Amazon for one of my favorite authors-Robert E. Howard-this is the Good Conan stuff its already expired.

Congrats @aquamarine76 You have to come and get your car for winning the #Nano white 93 Ford Tempo-needs 2 non-flat tires and new starter.

How is this really very different than head size phrenology the Nazi's did? Just asking.

I am offended that I can't find a place that serves a good penguin sandwich in this town.

I was the inspiration for Dan Brown's character Robert Langdon. Well except for his age, education, mullet etc etc...

I am to be honored by the Rhode Island Literary Society, because of my novels simplistic writing style and ease of understanding by the dim.

@NinevehDinha my book is historical action adventure-think Gladiator/Lord of the Rings-what I like to read-Editor had me add more romance 2.

My 4 year old just saw a pic of Chuck Norris and proclaimed that it was himself. Talk about self-image.

Favorite just discovered #writing mood music Shiva In Exile-Night Heat No I don't know what they're saying.

-124,500 words into #Nano and I don't see how I am ever gonna make it and I really want to win that car.

RT @kohlglass I'm small I know but wherever I go the grass grows greener still.> As opposed to where I go nothing grows.

Somewhat ashamed that the latest couple new songs I like are pseudo twlight/vampire inspired.

Just saw New Moon-I don't understand why it had a laugh track.

I am really looking forward to New Moon-what with the COREY's Feldman and Haim coming back to slay Edward-sweet!!!!

@NinevehDinha who would have thought decent food was in such demand in Draper-Can't anyone there cook?

Regarding the english expression "BLY ME" have you ever known anyone who was physically BLYED?

@IMAO_ Yeah because maybe "Amatuer Night at the Apollo is already taken"

Friday the 13th-Happy Templar Crucifiction Day

#amwriting and wondering IF my story is too cruel and hard on Custer-but doesn't everyone know sentient guns are evil?

I got after my 4 yr old son for calling a stranger stupid. We don't do that say you're sorry. "Dad, I'm sorry that guy is stupid."

The new Macy's add says they have been serving me for 150 years-jokes on them I'm only 36.

I am reminded of "Much Ado About Nothing" because @DaronFraley's last twit looked like he called me an ASS!

my son has so much pancake stuffed in his mouth-its all hanging out he looks like Cthulhu-speaking of which

Wondering why Mother-in-laws ringtone sounds like Velvetta Cheese theme. Not that I know what that sounds like I just imagine its the same

Wife complained about Victorias Secret Commercial said why are they emphasizing that? I was going to say 4 U but had to be honest its 4 Me

You've got me! Who's got you? . . . . my weak Margot Kidder impression

Idiots in Polls: Just saw on KSL 5% have had H1N1 95% have not-45% know someone who has had it-55% don't know someone who has had H1N1

I'm sure my kids think I am King George for how much I tax their candy without representation.

The Halloween episode of Charlie Brown inspired me to make sure and give at least one kid who comes to the door a rock.

Halloween for our house is just about over. The demons are appeased and the harvest is safe.

20 Years ago I was egging the school, fighting cowboys, stuffing potatoes up car exhaust pipes and evading the cops-Drama class was awesome

I was a highwayman, along the coach roads I did ride, Sword and pistol by my side . . .

Is Jessie still bitter that Rick Springfield stole his girl?

I paid for Abbie Hoffman's "Steal this Book"

I don't always drink beer but when I do, its ROOT...stay thirsty my friends

This was probably too much but there is no point in steering now-yes this is how I waste my time on twitter.


Karen Jones Gowen said...

And how many days of work did you lose once you discovered Twitter?

David J. West said...

None, the answer is none MORE days.

Daron D. Fraley said...

Catching up on my bloggy reading, and I see that my name was once again taken in vain here in Spartanville. That's funny. I am going to have to figure out what that tweet was. I missed the joke the first time, apparently.

I need to be writing. But it is more fun to read your blog. You better motivate me next week.