Saturday, March 6, 2010

Entertaining Lies

Angie at Notes from the Writing Chair gave me the Creative Writer Blog Award, thanks Angie.

Seems I am supposed to tell six lies and one truth and hopefully have them be difficult so here goes.

1. I once hid from the police by smearing myself in mud and lying very still in a canal.

2. When I was 12, five of my best friends and I camped for a week alone far into the Rocky Mountains, (the borders of Montana and Idaho). We were all either 12 or 13.

3. I stared down a huge Diamondback Rattlesnake and it lost.

4. No less than three ghosts messed with me in Georgia. It came down to insisting that they depart and showing no fear. You have to show them no fear to get them to listen when they are in a trickster-like mood.

5. I cut off a single wing of a fly with scissors, otherwise the fly was completely unharmed. I had one witness-she was very surprised and never again questioned my weapon prowess again.

6. I own over 6,000 books.

7. Only one of the statements above is a lie, all the rest are true.

To pass on this award I suppose I'll go with
M. Gray at The Ethos, the Logos and the Pathos

Karlene at Inksplasher

and Elizabeth Mueller


One Cluttered Brain said...

You won 6,000 dollars?
You had to hide from the police?
Aww, man i have NO idea which one is the lie. Come on, tell a fellow writer friend the truth...

Good news for Me! i am going to be a regular contributor to Mormon Mommy blogs from now on! Yeah!
I have to start somewhere, right?

David J. West said...

Congrats Alexes-I almost picked you for this award-I'll do it now. Consider yourself served.

But I still can't tell you yet.

Nichole Giles said...

I know, I know! It's number one, which is really a scene from--well, a really awesome book that I love. (No spoilers here!)

I like this game. =)


Krista said...

Were you hiding from the police? Or PREDATOR?
Pretty fun stuff!

M. Gray said...

haha the first one. Great experiences. I can't believe your parents let you camp without adults at such a young age!!

Thanks for passing this on to me!

David J. West said...


You are all wrong, #1 is true-I was out egging cars (I was a punk kid) and the fuzz got called out. I got away-but not clean.

elizabeth mueller said...

Hey, David! This is so entertaining! I am guessing the truth is that you hid from a police officer in a canal? That sounds like something my boy might do!! LOL...
Thank you SO much for the award--you totally ROCK!! :D

Karlene said...

The funny (sad) thing is I could see all of them as true for you.

Karlene said...

Okay, posted my lies on my blog. :)

David J. West said...

Karlene-I mixed it up - 6 of them are true-only one is a lie and thus far only Daron Fraley guessed correctly-and he didn't post.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

hahahaha! Love number 7. Way to throw everything into a tailspin. For the record, I'm going to believe that #7 is true! And I believe that number 3 is a lie! But well done.

Angie said...

Hmmm. Any of those could be true. I can't guess. Thanks for posting it.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Only one is true? I thought only one was a lie. I think you planned to mess with our heads. I'll say the lie is the fly wing. Just 'cause all the others sound pretty far out there. fun game.

David J. West said...

Carolina-you're right in that only one is a lie-but 3 is true.

Thanks Angie for picking me.

Terry-nope the fly wing is true and honestly I was as surprised as my friend, but I hid it well and acted like I could do that anytime. It was a one in a million cut.

Kimberly said...

My first inclination is to guess #4, but then I wonder if it's really #5 and you only own 5782 books...

David J. West said...

Kim-and you would be right. I don't have an exact count at the moment but I know my book count is over 5,000 but still well under 6,000.

Lisa said...

Okay, I will have to go for number 4. This is good!

Now I have one for you. Since I get brain freezes while I am working on my current mss I have decided to do a round robin on my new blog and would love some help.

P.S. Do you collect only swords? What other sharp edged weapons? Daggers maybe?

David J. West said...

Yes Lisa, you could say I collect a variety of weapons-but ancient weapons (pre-gunpowder) are a favorite.

I will take a look.