Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Michelle Teacress tagged me with some questions that I will now answer because I told her I wasn't a chicken and would play along.

I like Lots of different music, but it has to say something to me about my life.

I like Anything by Robert E. Howard.

I like Mythological animals more than the local ones.

I like Knowing that if the Internet went down due to Eco-terrorists, I still have a vast library to get me through the infotainment withdrawals.

I like Writing short stories now more than I did a year ago.

I like Dungeons and Dragons, even though I haven't played in like 5 years.

I like Comic books, but I call them Graphic Novels.

I like Paintball, even though I haven't played in like 10 years.

I like Duran Duran (except for their last couple albums) my daughters middle name is Rio.

I like To bite off more than I can chew.

I like Reading the obscure and wonderful from history and bringing it out in my writing.

I like Red meat, too much sugar, caffeine, vanilla, chocolate, and pepperoni pizza.

I love Bad movies.

Today was laid back, little bit of writing, spending time with the kids.

I hate Randy Newman

I hate Artificial apple flavoring.

I hate Mr. Bean

I hate That RED NAILS the animated movie isn't getting done.

I hate Mellow music (John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Dave Mathews, )

I hate That Rammstein's last album sucked.

I hate Our current presidential administration.

I hate Forcing LAME orgins into character movies that don't need orgins.

I secretly love Gyro's.

I love Being a Dad

Thanks for being interested in what I had to say Michelle.
And on Thursday, Krista Lynne Jensen will post an interview with me on her


One Cluttered Brain said...

I don't know if I can like you now that i know you HATE Mr. Bean.
That's harsh.
J/K. I stil like ya.
This is fun.
I will check out your interview now.
I forgot, but are you going to LDSstorymaker's this year? Cause I totally want to meet ya!

I like being a parent too.

And I SUPER love chocolate AND caffeine.

And gyros are yummy.
Mmm. Maybe I should construct a list of my own.
Your book is out?
You have a personal author website too? If you do, ,I kinda missed that. What is it?

David J. West said...

Alexes-the book is not quite out-very soon coupld weeks now and Yes I am going to LDStorymakers and no I don't have a website besides the blog.

Krista said...

Mmmm, gyros. Yuck, apple flavoring. Yesss, Duran Duran. I won Seven and the Ragged Tiger on the radio before school once, and I was cool for that whole day in 8th grade. Then it was back to being the shy little teacher's pet. That was a great day.

MT said...

HoHo, I wondered if you'd get around to it. I'm glad you did! Have a great night.

David J. West said...

Krista, that's what my wife says about Gyro's too.
I love Seven and the Ragged Tiger!

Thanks Michelle, I just got a little hung up.

David J. West said...

Alexes, I swear I commented on yours awhile ago but it has mysteriouly dissapeared. BUt yes I am going to Stroymakers and No I don't have any website vbesides this one.

Book will be out in just a couple more weeks.

志屏 said...
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Angie said...

Great list. I'll look forward to reading the interview.

David J. West said...

Thanks Angie.

Kimberly said...

This is a neat way to learn a lot about you in one fell swoop. Brave of you to admit hating Mr. Bean. Large nostril lovers might be irked, you know.

David J. West said...

Kim, I never realized there was a large nostril loving crowd out there, my problem with Mr. Bean is simply that I don't think he's funny and I as we all can agree-know funny.

P Jr. said...
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P Jr. said...

Randy Newman 1st, eh? What did I ever do to you?

David J. West said...

I absolutely loathe his music.

P Jr. said...


David J. West said...

P jr.- Here's some good examples of why I don't like Randy Newman.