Monday, May 10, 2010

Strange Sights This Week

How stuff gets done.
All around great story. Black Turlough rocks.
This is a monument to a Lithuanian legend that I shall steal from someday.
Everything revolves and comes back round again.
This is hilarious to me because I can't stand Thomas Kincaids cottages and flowers, the piece is titled Doubting Thomas.
So is this dude a vampire?
I wanna try penguin one of these days.
This says it all on its own.
This is known as Squaw Rock, it is inspiration behind a short story I am attempting to get finished by the 14th-we'll see if the pressure helps. I'm contemplating how to use Cockatrice in the title without it sounding cheeky.


Amalia T. said...

I'm really interested in hearing more about that Lithuanian legend (coming from a Lithuanian family history). Is there a link where I can read about it?

Charles Gramlich said...

there is a cockatrice in one story from my Bitter steel collection!

David J. West said...

Amalia-My Mother is Lithuanian so she used to tell us the stories when I was little, I'm not 100% on where it would be on the net. But the Lithuanian story is more akin to a Snake Prince rather than a frog prince type tale.

Charles-cool, I was wondering where anyone else's Cockatrice stories were.

Kimberly said...

I want to hear more about the Lithuanian story too. I've a passionate love for folk and fairy tales from around the world. The statue is intriguing.

David J. West said...

Kim-alright I'll try and put it on here soon since you and Amalia are interested.

Lisa said...

The floor-sized ipad reminds me of "Big" when Tom Hanks is playing that huge piano with his feet.

Great post!

David J. West said...

Thanks Lisa

Th. said...



Angie said...

I like cockatrices! I had one in my story "Brierly's Lilies" which you can read on my blog if you want to. Good luck getting your short story finished.

I just finished Heroes of a Fallen a few minutes ago. Yep, I loved it, but it's just getting started! How long do I have to wait for book two??? Seriously, great action and great characters. You did a nice job portraying the different cultures and societies. Very interesting. I'm glad I finally got to read it. (How long till book two?)

David J. West said...

Th- oh yeah thats where I found it, I forget exactly where I came across it.

Angie-thanks, you have to wait one year. Blood of Our Fathers is scheduled for release one year after Heroes.