Thursday, July 15, 2010

Congrats to my Bro & News

My brother Steve is getting married in Montana this weekend so I'll be running up there today, be good to hang with family I haven't seen in awhile and I'll even drop by one of my old haunts (Chapter One Books and leave a couple signed copies)

Its nice to take a break every now and again, let the well refill and pick up something new for a future project.

Just submitted a short scary piece to Papercut Books for a Call of Lovecraft anthology-I'll let you know if they bite. And I am very nearly done with my new extra scenes for Blood of Our Fathers to turn over to my editor.

I have also begun work on a collaborative project that is pretty exciting, can't wait to dive into some of these new characters I have come up with=John Ten-Bears, I am basing him on Will Sampson and Shyla Kane, who while a modern day character--I have named her in tribute to Solomon Kane. I need to keep the rest of the details close to the vest for a little longer, but this is gonna be good.

Yes this makes for likely 5 or 6 current working projects-I need to prioritize and organize better.

So its a pretty good first half of July for me.


Okie said...

Have a great trip. Should be fun. :)

And good luck on the anthology piece. That would be cool.

Way to keep busy. For me, having multiple projects helps keep the creativity flowing since I can move to another if I ever get annoyed at one....still, there comes a time to focus on a single work and buckle down.

Ann Best said...

Sounds like you're accomplishing much. Good for you. I keep getting interrupted, but I AM reading Heroes of the Fallen and I like it very much. Glad you're taking some copies to Montana. Enjoy your weekend!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

David! Have fun! What part of Montana are you going to?

Charles Gramlich said...

I like being busy myself, but right now I've got way too many projects I want to do for the time I have available to do them. Congrats on the exciting developments, though.

Th. said...


1. Did you submit to the werewolf anthology?

2. If so, did you ever get so much as a confirmation email?

Angie said...

That's terrific. Great to have all those projects going. Have a fun trip!

Lisa said...

Good luck in Montana! If you pass through Star Valley stop and say hello.

Lori Nawyn said...

Great work, David. Have fun in Montanta~!

David J. West said...

thanks Okie-for me having several projects at once is a way to balance teh voices.

Bless you Ann.

Tamara-western Montans (Missoula) a river Runs through it territory.

I appreciate it Charles-thanks.

Th.-I didn't-one of many I thought about but didn't get around to. Heard back on yours yet?

Thanks Angie, I will.

Lisa-that is just a little out of the way-but maybe one of these days.

Thanks Lori.

Anonymous said...
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David J. West said...

Sorry, your gonna die russian spammer dude.