Monday, July 5, 2010

Razored Review at Elder Signs Press

Just got a review for Heroes of the Fallen posted at Elder Signs Press. Written by Charles Gramlich, this meant a lot to me because I'd been hoping for some of that writerly validation from someone I'd like to consider a Heroic Fantasy peer.

Thanks Charles.


Charles Gramlich said...

No problem. I liked the book a lot.

Paul R. McNamee said...


I've put the book on my WishList.

Do you or publisher have any plans for an eBook version?

Selfish question - I'm consolidating a lot of stuff around the house - the Kindle is helping that effort :)

David J. West said...

Charles, thanks and I meant that as me being good enough to be YOUR peer.

Paul-they are planning on making it an e-book but it may be awhile. I asked them about it only yesterday.

Bruce Durham said...

Congrats on another good review, David. I placed my order for it yesterday from, so it should arrive later this month. I'll probably be ordering 'Bitter Steel' when I get the chance, too.

Angie said...


David J. West said...

thanks Bruce, yeah as soon as I have any kind of scratch I need to get a few books from online friends-Bitter Steel, Marsh God, White Tiger etc

Thanks Angie

Debra Erfert said...

What a great review at Elder Signs Press. Very deep and intense. Mr. Gramlich didn’t give your book just a cursory perusal, hitting the highlights to garner enough information to write the review, but he had to have read the whole thing to understand as much as he did. Now, I can’t see how thick the book is from the front view, but I have a feeling it isn’t something I can shove in my purse. Am I right?

To be totally honest, David, I've had my nose pressed to my keyboard for so long, I haven't ventured beyond my safe little world of light-hearted LDS romances for quite a while. Those stories take about four hours to read, and are a quick diversion. But after reading Gramlich’s review, breaking away from my normal stories might be a good idea. He had some very flattering things to say about the way you turn a phrase.

My only fear is it’s the first book in a series, and I’m an impatient person. Truthfully? Sometimes I read the ending first. Shush! Don’t tell.

David J. West said...

Hey Debra- it is the first in a series, the next one will be released april 2011 (you could get it next Storymakers) Heroes is 306 pages,(116,000 words) so not too terribly big. How big is your purse?