Saturday, January 15, 2011

"The Dig" in IN SITU

A short tale of mine, a dialogue taking place in the early days of World War Two, between tomb robbers, (well Dr. Andrea Forester, a cultured English aristocrat who became an archaeologist and is investigating the ruins of fabled Keshan ((points if you know where I got that)) ~ and then Capitano Santini moves center stage as one of Mussolini's would-be Ethiopian conquerors and of course he wants a piece of the treasures of Keshan) throw in a wacky neighbor* and we have Lovecraftian inspired GOLD.

OK, only a portion above is true-but I hope I have intrigued you a little.

The Table of Contents for the Dagan Books upcoming anthology IN SITU was just posted.

"Jason Andrew, “Recovery”

Greg Burch, “In The Grid: The Assemblage of the Aeolian”

Carrie Cuinn, Editor, essay “A Brief History of Art Historical F@%k Ups”*

Paul A. Dixon, “Planned Obsolescence”

Mae Empson, “Vessels of Clay, Flesh, and Stars”

Sarah Hendrix, “Rachel’s Journal”

R.S. Hunter, “Jewel of Tahn-Vinh”

Ken Liu, “You’ll Always Have The Burden With You”

Rebecca Lloyd, “The Stone”

Ben Wright McGee, essay, “Xenoarcheology”

D. Thomas Minton, “Hoodoo”

Jacob Ruby, “Seeds”

Steven James Scearce, “The Eye of Africa”

Alex Shvartsman, “The Field Trip”

Kelly C. Stiles, “Relevant Information From The Tel Najmah Site”

Graham Storrs, “Salvage”

K. V. Taylor, “Chennai 5″

Dawn Vogel, “Donning the Helm”

David J. West, “The Dig”

Cover art by Oliver Wetter, interior art by Galen Dara and Fiona Zimmer

We expected to release the book at the end of the spring, 2011."

Wish I could see the cover, Wetter does some wonderfully scandalous stuff, but it hasn't been posted yet.

* and by wacky neighbor I mean some unspeakable horror.
* yes, I edited my editor


KarenG said...

Congratulations, David! That's awesome!

David J. West said...

Thanks Karen.

Charles Gramlich said...

Looks good. Well done!

David J. West said...

Thanks Charles, I appreciate that.