Thursday, January 13, 2011

Discipline and Free Pie

My first introductory post is up over at the Man Cave Author Blog. I wax a little philosophical about how long it took me to get going on writing-even when I always knew that was what I wanted to do, that and I am the guy who always got free pie. Ah, writing at my old haunt back in the day. I think I am showing Jaime something I wrote and I am doing my drunken Hemingway face for Tiesha.
Is it really so strange that just a couple weeks after these pics were taken I met my wife (she also served at the writing haunt) So now I still get discipline and free pie all the time.


Dan said...

Should we call you the "free pie guy?"

You look like a literary master in those pics. What an ar-teest!

David J. West said...

Thanks Dan.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

You look bored in the second picture!
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Have a great weekend. :D

~Elizabeth :)

David J. West said...

Then you didn't read what I wrote right above it, did you Elizabeth?

Mormon Surrogate said...

Cool-FPG- Free Pie Guy. I love it. Never knew one before.

David J. West said...

Thanks Jill.