Monday, March 28, 2011

Rolling in the Deep

I just heard this song by Adele: Rolling in the Deep last Thursday, and the title grabbed me-so I had to steal it for a short story. The short has nothing to do with the song in any way shape or form, I just like the title that much.

I came at the story itself pondering how much I dislike the Superman complex-the idea of a character being invulnerable, it leaves you nowhere to go. The only Superman graphic novel I own is Death of Superman because something previously unexpected happens = he dies!

So I was pondering this while working on a couple different drafts for Porter stories-the problem with Porter is he can't be harmed by bullet or blade (that's a historical fact regardless of anything else), so how do I create tension with a man who can't be cut or shot? You have to find weakness/suffering/pain somewhere.

For example the very best Wolverine stories are when Magneto pulled the adamantium out of him. His healing factor doesn't work and no cutting through anything = most challenging stories.
see Wolverine #75 thru to around #110 (best run ever *before the relaunch)

It has made me get a little creative with some of the foes Porter has battled, but worrying over some of these scenarios being accidentally repeated, I started taking some historical truths about the man and pushing into the speculative realm a little. Everything always still theoretically possible-just speculative.

Throw in a bit of weird I had been pondering anyway, being shanghaied, & my sons always suggesting colossal squids (they are the ruler of the deep after all) and I am very excited for this tale to be told.


Charles Gramlich said...

You hit on exactly the reason I never really liked Superman. I much prefer a more vulnerable hero.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Ironically, my niece just posted this;

John Legend covers "Rolling in the Deep"

I like Superman. The vulnerable aspect is an issue, true. But, they've worked around it a few times. Sometimes, though, it means the villains (Lex Luthor) are almost more interesting in how they deal with him.

Trep said...

In regards to Porter Rockwell, what you say about him is true, that he couldn't be killed by his enemies. That didn't mean that he couldn't go through an enormous amount of suffering at the hands of his enemies, however. He did spend six months in Liberty jail after all.
Anyway, I like reading your stuff and am looking forward to it. I like Supes, but I agree that his invulnerability can be a bit tiresome.

Angie said...

Sounds awesome. I have several story titles that came from song titles. Mostly Gordon Lightfoot songs.

David Powers King said...

Your summation on Superman--my sentiments exactly. There's a reason why Spider-Man/Batman are much more popular, at least to me.

Be sure to check out my giveaway. :)

David J. West said...

Exactly Charles-thanks

Paul-true Lex Luthor coming up with a way to defeat Superman is the most appealing part to me.

Trep-by no means am I saying he never suffered-I just can't have him getting shot or cut in a story thus the Superman dilemma-but suffering? Heck yeah-thats what a huge part of any Porter story is about.

Very cool Angie.

David-you got it-those are much more relateable heroes.

Nisa said...

I think any story about Porter would be cool (I've loved hearing his stories since I was little!), but adding in a bit of the speculative equals awesome. Very interesting!

David J. West said...

Thanks Nisa-its exactly what I hope you and a lot of others will like.