Thursday, March 10, 2011

Strange Sights of the Week

Personally I would abide by the Ron Swanson pyramid from a couple weeks ago before I would even consider this one.

You will never picture bearback riding the same again.


Charles Gramlich said...

Oh god, that top one is just hilarious. I'd have a wreck if I were driving and actually saw that one.

The Golden Eagle said...

LOL at that first one.

David J. West said...

Thanks Charles-I sure liked it.

Glad you did too Golden Eagle.

Angie said...

"You cannot pass." LOVE it. Still chuckling.

LisaAnn Turner said...

Love the Gandalf sign. Awesome!

I need me one of those.

David J. West said...

You're welcome Angie.

Lisa-wish I had one too.