Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fraterfamilias: Book Review

From the back copy of the speculative thriller Fraterfamilias by Judith Doloughan and Paula Stiles.

French artist Paul Farrell kills four people in Paris and walks into a hail of police fire at JFK Airport. A Russian history professor and shaman with a dark secret steals the body. Police on both sides of the Atlantic are on the case, but they each have secrets of their own. And a powerful enemy watches from the shadows, one who could destroy them all.

The first chapter opens very strong and is quite the page turner, you can't help but be pulled into the mystery. And while I was very intrigued with the character of Kedward, his language and mannerism (using the second person POV) did kinda throw me off.

That said, his being a mystic shaman did interest me and make me want to follow him throughout the story still, seeing ghosts as he works toward re-animating Paul, casting salt about the room to ward them off and such. I'm always a sucker for that mystic Templar stuff.

On the other end of the spectrum, both Interpol and the NYPD are working toward why did Paul kill some Russian mafia in Paris and then do suicide by cop in America? Why was his body stolen from the morgue? Are Paul and Kedward brothers? They look alike-and they also closely resemble people who should be long since dead-who disappeared mysteriously in years past.

The characters are well drawn and the story gives us divergent viewpoints on the consequences of immortality. I liked the twist that Jonah discovers about his genealogy.

I also would have liked a little more with the Dominican and yes, we are also left with that this was likely the first of a series. Several plot threads are still unresolved or unanswered. The unfortunate passing of co-author Judith Doloughan, has also affected the continuing story-we'll have to see what Paula continues with.

You can order a copy here.


Charles Gramlich said...

sounds interesting. I may have to check it out on Amazon.

David J. West said...

Glad it piqued your interest Charles.