Thursday, June 16, 2011

Legends of Steel: Barbarians of Lemuria

Apologies to Jeff Mejia, I meant to post this review a long, long time ago.

Legends of Steel: Barbarians of Lemuria is an expansion for the Barbarians of Lemuria role playing game. Similar to D&D this is more in line with the Pulp traditions of Sword & Sorcery scenarios than the Epic fantasy tropes usually saddled with standard D&D.

And Mejia, the Evil DM knows his Pulp.
Set in the world of Erisa, we are given a beautiful map (excellent art throughout by the way) and have a general rundown of the world, cities, cultures and bestiary-but true to S&S the players and DM are encouraged to go their own way and discover through different careers rather than skills just what it is they want to do while adventuring.

I am greatly enjoying the adventure 'THE BETROTHED', some great twists are ahead for the players. I'm also appreciate the world building and sampling of characters included. On the other side I've grown so used to a D20 system this took a little getting used too (haven't played the older AD&D in ages) and Legends of Steel uses a 2D6 system-not a big deal-I just kept reaching for my D20. This will become a treasured part of my gaming equipment for me and my boys.

From the description~"Now you will be able to adventure in the Sword & Sorcery world of Erisa with heroes created using the highly acclaimed and innovative engine from The Barbarians of Lemuria RPG. The Legends of Steel campaign setting together with the Barbarians of Lemuria rules engine, promises to be the quintessential "rules light" Sword & Sorcery RPG package Legends of Steel: Barbarians of Lemuria Edition will include the complete Barbarians of Lemuria rules and the complete Legends of Steel campaign world. With additional material such as: *New Boons *New Flaws *New Careers *A Bestiary of Erisa *Two ready to play adventures"

Overall a very comprehensive and good looking book (I did mention the great art inside right?) Get 'em while they are hot, and on a super sale right here.


Charles Gramlich said...

If I were an RPG player I'd be all over this.

David J. West said...

Thanks Charles, I don't play as much as I used to (wife 'n kids) but the way my kids are I suspect I'll play a bit more as they get older-after all my kids are are always drawing Conan and Cthulhu and some monstrous squid or what not...

Paul R. McNamee said...

Sounds good. Maybe I'll buy this deal for the helluva it. Might be inspiring. And might be nice to pull off the shelf some day in future and play when kids are old enough.

David J. West said...

That's right where I am Paul-I figure I'll get more gaming done when my boys are a little older.