Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tisarian’s Treasure: Book Review

Tisarian’s Treasure, by J. M. Martin

A fantasy, pirate-laden treasure hunt with with enough wild savages, eerie creatures and even hints at romance to satisfy anyones hunger for a great quick read.

Opening upon a pebble strewn shore, their doomed ship burning, (with pirates bearing down on them) a handful of survivors struggle on an uncharted island to escape and yet still find the treasure they came searching for.

Narrated by Alexandre Mallory, a doctor, is intrigued by one of the other survivors, a woman named Katlin who seems to have the gift of clairvoyance. Together they evade a number of threats beyond the pursuing pirates themselves. With hints and warnings she lets Mallory know fragments of the fate that awaits them as they flee.

Set in Martin's fantasy world of Khaladune, I was carried along and every time I thought I knew what would happen Martin turned the tables. I thought I saw influences everywhere from the pulps and even The Golden Bough but always with a new poignant twist. Evoking the same spirit of classical fantasies, I greatly enjoyed this novella and look forward to reading more of Martin's work.

You can purchase this amazing novella here, here or here.


Charles Gramlich said...

That cover looks a bit more romantic than I might normally peruse but your description makes this one sound pretty awesome.

David J. West said...

Joe has a couple different covers for this one Charles-this cover is the latest. I suspect you would have liked the earlier one better.