Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wandering Weeds: Garden of Legion

The in-no-particular order table of contents was just released for Wandering Weeds, an anthology I'm excited to be a part of. Glad to see a couple friends of mine in there too, that I didn't even know had submitted-Berin.
My tale Garden of Legion is a weird western with a bit of horror and action. I'll have a passel of these starring Porter Rockwell out soon.

Wandering Weeds TOC:

The Souls of the Wicked by Francis Pauli

They Call the Wind Mariah by Jaleta Clegg

The Tumbas by M. Pax

Weeds by James Hartley

Tumbleweed by Robert Borski

Cowchip Charlie by Charlene C. Harmon

The Colors of Blood by Kevin J. Childs

Tumblers by M. Baker

Desert Oracles by Katie M John

Feral Tumbleweeds by Monique Guilland

Fair Weather, with a Chance of Tumbleweeds by Andrea Tantillo

Legends of the Tumbleweeds by Duane Ackerson

Garden of Legion by David J. West

Sleeping Beauty by Louise James

Duncan Derring and the Lady Luck by Bryan Thomas

Beyond the Fence by Rebecca L. Brown

Thistle by Terry Alexander

Fun with Weed Eradication by Berin Stephens

I survived the sargasso sea by Eric J. Guignard

Crispy Fried Pickles at the Mad Scientist Café by Katherine Sanger

The Great Tragedy of the Illustrious Empire by Audrey Young

Oh, Dark Tumbleweed by Brian D. Mazur

I'll let everyone know more when I know more.


Paul R. McNamee said...

Thumbs up!

David J. West said...

Thanks Paul, this is one tale I'm particularly proud of because of how much it creeped out my wife.

Charles Gramlich said...

This sounds wonderfully weird. A cool idea. I'll be on the lookout.

David J. West said...

Appreciated Charles, I'll be posting about it once it comes.

Angie said...

Nice! I recognize lots of those names. Congrats, David.

David J. West said...

Lots Angie? I only know a few.

Angie said...

You, Jaleta, Charlie Harmon, and Berin. Only four. But that seems like a lot for me to recognize in one anthology! It's awesome.

David J. West said...

Angie, OK thats almost the same number as me-but I don't know Charlie but am aware of Bryan Thomas and Eric J. Guignard (he has an antho I want to submit something to)