Thursday, November 3, 2011

Guest Post by Ty Johnston: 10 reasons to read Ghosts of the Asylum

Fantasy author Ty Johnston is doing a massive blog tour all through November and is going to give us...
10 reasons to read Ghosts of the Asylum

1.) Ghosts of the Asylum is a sequel novel to my epic fantasy Kobalos Trilogy, which includes the novels City of Rogues, Road to Wrath, and Dark King of the North. Everybody has read my Kobalos Trilogy, right? Good. Thought so.

2.) The price is right. At only $2.99, Ghosts of the Asylum costs less than a Big Mac. And I’m talking just the Big Mac, not including the fries and drink that make up a whole meal. And Ghosts of the Asylum will last longer than a Big Mac, too.

3.) I’m guessing if you’re reading this blog, you likely have an interest in fantasy, possibly epic fantasy. My new novel is epic fantasy. How epic? Well, not only is this novel a sequel to a trilogy, but it’s part of a much larger story that should take up between 40 and 50 novels when finally completed. Is that epic enough for you?

4.) Kron Darkbow. Kron is my main character. Think of him as sort of a Batman in a fantasy world. He fights, he climbs, he picks locks, throws grenados and ... wait, did I say “throws grenados?” Yes, I did. Grenados are Kron’s favorite weapon.

5.) If you purchase and read Ghosts of the Asylum, maybe, just maybe, my wife will get off my back about getting a real job. So, you’d be doing me a big favor.

6.) I believe my stories have something to say. It might not be easy to discern, but there is always a gist of thought in the background of my plots and my characters’ actions.

7.) At the same time, I want to entertain. My novels have their fair share of action and adventure, as well as some intrigue. First I want to entertain myself, of course, but hopefully my interests will intersect enough with readers to also entertain them. At least that’s my goal.

8.) Though Ghosts of the Asylum is part of a much longer saga, it can be read as a stand-alone novel. Aren’t you tired of having to read 10 or more books to get an entire story? Maybe it’s just me.

9.) Speaking of sagas, Ghosts of the Asylum comes in at more than 110,000 words, which means it’s a tad longer than most modern novels, yet it’s a far cry from the huge, one-thousand-pages-plus tomes that seem to dominate epic fantasy today. In other words, you don’t have to set aside a whole month or more to read Ghosts of the Asylum, but it should still keep you reading for more than a few days.

10.) Okay, I’ve run out of ideas. Let me think. Let me think. I mentioned grenados, right? Yeah, I did. What about Kron Darkbow? Oh, you know about him. Hmm. Ah! I’ve got it! Okay, the empirical truth of the matter is this: Ghosts of the Asylum is the best novel you will ever read in your lifetime. Er, was that too much? Too over the top? Well, since this is sort of an advertisement for my novel, I could tell you what all the other advertisements tell you: Buy and read Ghosts of the Asylum, and you will become rich and happy and have lots of sex with beautiful people. Sorry, I don’t have a talking dog or a clown with red hair to sell my novel. Maybe next time.

Fantasy author Ty Johnston’s blog tour 2011 is running from November 1 through November 30. His novels include City of Rogues, Bayne’s Climb and More than Kin, all of which are available for the Kindle, Nook  and online at Smashwords . His latest novel, Ghosts of the Asylum, will be available for e-books on November 21. To find out more, follow him at his blog.

I have a copy of City of Rogues and will review it-but the move (and life in general) have gotten in the way for the moment and I am way, way behind in my reading. Ty thanks for having patience with me and all the best on the rest of your tour.


Ty Johnston said...

David, thanks so, so much for hosting me on your blog today.

And no hurries on "City of Rogues." I understand, and the novel will always be there.

Charles Gramlich said...

This one gets more and more intriguing each time I hear about it.

David J. West said...

You're welcome Ty.

I hear ya Charles, I've fallen way behind in my reading-so much I want/need to catch up on.