Monday, November 7, 2011

St. Rockwell and the Dragon

This is the illustration of Porter Rockwell by Davin Abegg for my weird western novella "Fangs of the Dragon" in Monsters & Mormons

Here is a snippet~

A mountain of a man stepped forward, creating a hush among the tribe. Thick and strong, he looked down on Porter scrutinizing him. “You are Mormonee?” he asked, bringing his bare chest to Port’s nose.

Amanda said, “This is Big Bear.”

Yeah, I’m Mormonee,” answered Port. “He is probably the second biggest Indian I’ve ever seen.”

Do you wear the sacred robes?” asked the grinning giant.


Show me.”

Port opened his shirt revealing the garments. “Satisfied?”

The woman is Mormonee too?”


She will show me?” He smirked.

Port shoved Big Bear, “That’s enough. Can we talk or not, Many-Buffalo? Or do I have to teach some manners to your boy?”

Amanda shook her head.

Big Bear knocked Port’s hat off.

Tell him! I’m here to take care of things and if they don’t help me, I can’t help them!” shouted Port. “But I’m not here to play games.”

Many-Buffalo stood impassive, then nodded to Big Bear.

The giant lunged, grasping Port in a bear hug, trapping his arms and lifting him off the ground. The gathering laughed as Many-Buffalo shouted in triumph.

Struggling to breath, let alone move, Port asked, “What’d he say?”

He said, if you are the best the Brigham can offer, he doesn’t need help,” cried Amanda over the din.

Big Bear’s laughter boomed into Port’s face.

Wheat! They ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Big Bear’s hug cracked Port’s back and grew tighter, forcing air from his lungs and still the big man laughed.

Looking Big Bear square in the eye, Port winked and then slammed his thick forehead into Big Bear’s nose repeatedly. The huge man, blinded and bloodied, dropped Port, who landed on his feet. Porter slammed Big Bear an uppercut to the chin, dropping the man-mountain. Rounding on Many-Buffalo, Port snarled, “Was he the best you got?”

Amanda translated.

Many-Buffalo frowned, but motioned for Port and Amanda to follow.

Amanda picked up Port’s hat, then handed it to him saying, “You know, might doesn’t always make right.”

Didn’t I just prove that?”


Paul R. McNamee said...


Angie said...

Great illustration. I can't wait to read the rest of the story!

Charles Gramlich said...

I like it! Cool.

David J. West said...

Thanks Paul-I wanted to post a cool bit that intrigued but still didn't give anything away.

Appreciated Angie

Thankee Charles, I hoped you would.