Friday, February 10, 2012

Sympathy for the Devil Next Door

I don't typically like to spend time here discussing anything political, but am at a loss for anything else at the moment. So I'll rant...

Twice now this year the Marine Corp have gotten into trouble, first for a squad videotaping themselves urinating on dead Taliban and now for this photo.

The explanation for the latest is that they "Thought" the lightning bolt Seig-Seig runes Runic "ᛋᛋ" stood for Sniper Scouts.


I can't believe anyone has missed what the SS runes mean as depicted by popular culture. Military guys like action movies (I sure do) and what World War Two movie doesn't have the SS? They are always the worst of villains. This is a terribly weak excuse.

That said-these service men~and it is a service-are under an incredible amount of stress and mental fatigue, making them do stupid things and we should account for serious PTSD rather than simply giving them a verbal lynching and forgetting about it. The repercussions of these type of activities will haunt all parties for years to come. And until someone has taken fire while wearing those combat boots, I'd urge compassionate judgment regarding anything you have not had the great misfortune to have experienced.

I've read pundits say that these heinous acts (and they are heinous) are inflaming the terrorists
-Check please-Our servicemens mere presence is inflaming them.

You can't throw a log in the fire and wonder why it burns and the log didn't start the fire either.


Paul R. McNamee said...

While the 'SS' thing is patently stupid, Americans have such a lack of historical knowledge that I'd almost believe them being ignorant.

Urinating on a Taliban corpse just shows that they have successfully dehumanized the enemy. I have the feeling a war is "better" when you can at least have a begrudging respect for the enemy. As with Vietnamese V.C. and guerrillas, the terrorism aspect of the conflict makes for no front-lines and a boat load of confusion. Even more stress and tension to add to PTSD.

We'll always need some men on the ground, but the more technology (drones) we can put in harm's way, the better. It's about the only way to fight terrorism without losing a lot of men and a lot of minds.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sniper scouts! Yeah, yeah, sure.

Matthew MacNish said...

Exactly. It was like when I got sent to a new school when my mom died. I would have gotten into all kinds of trouble but the administrators took pity on me for most of my behavior. Not that EVERYTHING can be excused.

Mikeyboy said...

Now..while we were not absolutely certain...that the intent was for them to come up with a clever design like the Supeman shield logo I guess not one of them said..." Hey , this looks too much like the Nazi SS Gestapo arm band and pins...we should change that."
I am apt to believe these guys actually thought that this was a great idea...without giving the FONT a second thought. It's a dumbass blunder indeed. But given the circumstances and environ AND thid day and age...even the most ignorant of soldiers who is fighting for his country must take into account he will be held responsible for his actions.
I really honstly don't believe they liken themselves to NAZI solidiers. Just a dumbass design...
" One of these days I'm gonna have to learn what "BITTA" means! "

David J. West said...

Paul-I guess I was thinking that while the public education system might have faltered-the popular culture should have filled in the gap-how can you miss the the SS? I'm thinking the Indiana Jones movies, all the WW2 movies, so many comics, etc etc

And yes, the dehumanizing is dangerous ground indeed.

Exactly Charles.

I hear ya Matthew.

Mikeyboy-thats what I'm talking about-(I also don't think-even if they knew what the SS was from that they were stylizing themselves as nazi's) While not impossible to believe they didn't know, to me it is just such a stretch and I don't know what BITTA means either.

Anonymous said...

It's almost the same as when prince whatshisname went to that halloween party in a nazi uniform.there seems to be a disconnect here thats cultural but also generational, but both of the above examples involve people who should know better

David J. West said...

I am fully agreed that they should know better Anon, as well as being held fully accountable for their actions-I merely stress that they also be judged in the context of theirs-not our domestic situation.

Voidwalker said...

Hey there David! It's been a long time. I'm glad to be back though and thanks for pointing out to me that my comments were blocked. I didn't realize it. (I fixed it now)

Anyway, I'm glad to see you still here, as I've found several of my linked friends have given up on blogging. I'll be around more now, so don't forget to stop by and I'll be reading up on your blog as well.

David J. West said...

Appreciated Void, glad you're back.