Wednesday, March 14, 2012

News of My Stuff in Print

I received word that the delayed Sci-Fi/Archeology antho from Dagan Books IN-SITU featuring my tale "The Dig" is about to be released (email said March). I'm glad, I've been anxious to get feedback on that tale for awhile now.

"The Dig" is placed in the early days of World War II and features a (at that time rare) female archaeologist, and a run-in with Axis Italian forces at a dig, wherein they find something that should not be there. I borrowed the place name of Keshan from Robert E. Howard's "Jewels of Gwahlur".


I have the final galley for the Wandering Weed's antho featuring my tale "Garden of Legion" another weird western with Porter Rockwell. This was again a lot of fun to write, Porter being whom my wife thinks I can put my writer shoes into the best.

And lastly, my publisher WiDo and Amazon are doing another free promotion of my novel Heroes of the Fallen so you can grab it again here


Kyle said...

When does the next installment of Herose drop?

David J. West said...

That's a gray area. How gray?...Charcoal.