Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Delinquents These Days

Last night (round midnight)  I received the joy of the knocker. Someone(s) knocked and dashed and they were doing it to the whole neighborhood.
We do live in a heavily wooded area so despite a bright moon illuminating there were plenty of places to hide for these pranksters.

In any case I had but to silently creep out the door in darkness and in the shadows wait for a few moments when I gauged enough time had passed with my big mag light - (No, I didn't need to go out with a gun-nor did I wish too) and sure enough following my instincts I saw the two young punks-both about 14-15 emerge from hiding. I shined them down-its a good flashlight and I verbally rebuked them and I'll leave it at that.

They ran away.

The funny thing to me is...I did all the pranks you can shake a stick at when I was a kid, I know all the tricks. And these idiots weren't even wearing dark clothing-you gotta wear dark clothing when you are up to no good. You must be wary of dogs and you must stick to the shadows, kids these days just don't understand the nature of pranking and evading-they were so poor at this that I even saw where they live.

Insert inspiration for horror story here.


David Alastair Hayden said...

There's this trick where kids tie fishing line to a purse and throw the purse in a road. When someone stops to pick up the purse, they yank it away. My dad did it when he was young then one day many years later, he and a buddy were driving along and lo and behold, a purse in the middle of the road. They pulled over, took out a pistol each and fired into the air (or perhaps threatened to fire, I can't recall). There was much commotion out in the woods. And they got a free albeit empty purse.

I got to yell at kids to get off my lawn the first year in our house. They weren't bright. They actually stopped on their four-wheeler, which they'd ridden through my lawn, allowing me to berate them and threaten them. In my day, I would've hit the gas and kept on going.

Paul R. McNamee said...

I remember our house getting egged (when I was a kid). The kid from across the street did it, he dressed in black.

With shiny white sneakers.

My dad would occasionally sit outside with a gun. Suburban kids with no firearms exposure said it was a shotgun.

It was never heavier than a .22 - and it was loaded with birdshot. My dad knew punks weren't worth the jail time of real ammunition.

Aim low. ;)

David West said...

David-I've done that, but we used a big gangly teddy bear-so that as the car got closer we pulled and the bear thing would fly up-scared the crap outta a lot of people-until a neighbor lady came out and yelled at us. We were too close to her house.

Paul-I hear that, I thought about my pellet gun but then figured why even bother with that.
And reverse of your tale, I was carrying my 12 gauge out in the desert of Utah once (kind of a walkabout thing) and came across a group of the rehab kids that were out doing extreme camping to rehabilitate and overheard them talking that I was only carrying a 22. Heh

Charles Gramlich said...

These days, someone might well come out with a gun. They need to be careful.

David West said...

Agreed Charles-especially in my neighborhood.

Keith said...

What's the world coming to when the delinquents won't practice safe hooliganism?

David West said...

Its a mystery to me Keith.

Angie said...

Sounds like you could teach them a thing or two! LOL

David West said...

Oh I could Angie-lots of inspiration/experience for writing to draw from.