Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tying the Tales All Together

I love how some writers link a lot of the stories in their own universe together.

Robert E. Howard does it (the Ring of Set turns up in tales all through time)
Stephen King does it (The Dark Tower saga)

And I love the concept so much that while I have thought on it at length (already in my own mind some of my tales do connect in the same universe) I have yet only briefly mentioned points that touch.

But in the current tale I am working on, Cold Slither - a weird western with Porter Rockwell, it directly relates to another project The Bastard Prince an adventure historical that is itself very loosely based on the Welsh Prince Madoc ~ (and how I think Conan of the Isles should have been done) and if you read between the lines they link to Heroes of the Fallen/Blood of Our Fathers.

I never planned it that way, it just came about~but I have to admit that when I realized it was doing that on its own (the Muse, as Steven Pressfield calls it) I was excited.

While I am sure that some of my tales will never tie in to anything else, these in particular are beginning to weave together and its just something I as the creator/writer enjoy.

How about you?


Charles Gramlich said...

I've done this with a lot of my stories too. The character of Quint MacLang in my first and unpublished western, is an ancestor of Ruenn MacLang from the Talera novels. I really enjoy this aspect of the creation, even if I don't necessarily tell folks about it.

Keith said...

I tend to think in large universe settings, with a number of interconnected places and people. I blame the early influence of comic books and the Known Space series by Larry Niven. And later Poul Anderson's Technic future history.

David J. West said...

I'm excited to hear that Charles-and I'll rememeber when I read those.

I probably get a part of my love for that from comics too Keith. I honestly haven't read much in Poul Anderson's sci-fi arena but I always had the impression that his Viking type tales were linked.

Lagomorph Rex said...

Cold Slither you say?

David J. West said...

Hahaha Yeah good catch Jordan, thats where I got my title, but I thought it might be too inside a joke for anyone but my brothers and I.