Thursday, July 19, 2012

Interview at Dagan Books

An interview with me has been updated and posted at Dagan Books for myself and the other contributors of the IN SITU anthology.

Those contributors being ~
7/17 - Ken Liu
7/18 - KV Taylor
7/19 - David West
7/20 - Kelly Stiles
7/21 - Rebecca Lloyd
7/22 - Robert Hunter
7/23 - Sarah Hendrix
7/24 - Alex Shvartsman
7/25 - Paul Dixon
7/26 - Jason Andrew
7/27 - Bear Weiter
7/28 - Dawn Vogel
7/29 - Greg Burch
7/30 - Mae Empson
7/31 - Graham Storrs

I have IN SITU on the Kindle and as backed up as I have been lately (dealing with my computer crashing and some files coming through hideously deranged and murderous), I have only yet read editor Carrie Quinn's afterword. I'll never be able to read and write as fast as I would like.


Paul R. McNamee said...

I think I have your same take on alien life - complete with bringing books .. and the wife ;)

A little odd they used the word "essay" instead of "story".

Good interview, nonetheless.

Waiting to win my copy at Goodreads ;)

David J. West said...

Best of luck to you Paul. I did notice a few innacuracies, I no longer live in Pleasant Grove Utah and it is absolutely a story not an essay.

David J. West said...

Just checking about my ability to comment.