Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Inspiration for Space Eldritch

Today, I'm finalizing my Lovecraftian Space Opera tale for the forthcoming Space Eldritch anthology. I thought I had a title ~ Islands in the Sky, but as of last night and a plot point breakthrough I have decided that that title just isn't sinister enough, so I'm raising an caffeine-induced alchemical Tulpa to come up with a new one.

This first image (and several following) is the X-20 Dyna Soar as in Dynamic Soaring. In theory? This was to be a militarized space shuttle capable of heading off the Soviets back in the late fifties and early sixties. They would/could drop a load of ball bearings in the way of Soviet Soyuz capsules - because the Red's couldn't maneuver out of their flight trajectory. You can hear those doomed souls here on the Clyde Lewis's Ground Zero show, toward the end of the program.

Love this cosmonaut by Andrew Bawidamann

 Even more eldritch space horror can be heard at more of my good friend Douglas Dietrich's interview on the latest Feet to the Fire show of James Arthur Jancik.


Keith said...
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Keith said...

"Caffeine induced"? I thought Mormons weren't supposed to drink caffeinated drinks. :)

This anthology looks interesting. I'll have to pick up a copy.

David J. West said...

Hahaha, Keith. I hear a lot of peoples interpretations on that, generally it would be fair to say Mormons drink their soda's but not coffee. But I am thoroughly addicted.

Space Eldritch is slated for November of 2012. It should be 8-9 Lovecraftain Space opera novella's.

Keith said...

I worked with a Mormon a few years ago, and he would only drink decaffeinated sodas. I guess it's like what I was told when I taught at an Orthodox Jewish high school. Everyone keeps kosher differently.

I'll look for the book. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, that cosmonaut is a little prettier than the ones I remember.

Keith said...

I think the cosmonaut is from a series of pictures, great looking women in futuristic military attire, IIRC. I've seen them on T-shirts.

David J. West said...

Ha! yeah Keith, I'd say that's a fair interpretation. I've known some people who real uptight about that kind of thing and others who let it all slide (so long as the neighbors didn't see).

I couldn't let her get away Charles.

Keith, I linked to the artists site and I also asked him on FB if it was cool. He hasn't responded yet, but if he complains I'll take it down -(can't imagine he will).

Paul R. McNamee said...

If the cosmonauts had really been that hot... ;)

I like those military pinups of his - fun stuff.

I like your inspirations. I've taken to doing that myself, sometimes - grabbing some art of pictures to help the mood. So, thanks for that!

I was at a wedding where the groom's Jewish stepfather was complimenting the bbq'd pork. But he was from Milwaukee, so maybe that's how they do kosher there ;)

David J. West said...

That's hilarious Paul.