Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Ball is Rolling

I'm feeling pretty slick. Space Eldritch is coming October 29th,  an excerpt of my tale "Gods in Darkness" is up on Cold Fusion Media
This of course is my big Lovecraftian science fiction piece, which I actually tried to channel how would I do a near modern day Sword & Sorcery tale. It takes place in the indeterminate 60's during the hidden heyday of the U.S./Soviet space race.


I have been told that my tale, "Rolling in the Deep" should be available on Halloween itself in the
A Flame in the Dark: Monsters anthology.
This particular tale is one of my Porter Rockwell weird westerns, though it takes place largely at sea. Lot of interesting motivations gelled together for this. This collection was put together with the idea that Faith had to play a big part, so I crafted a  Porter (Samson) meets a Lovecraftian Elder God (Philistine God, Dagon) Sorry, no wicked Delilah this time round. YES, I loved the Adele title so much I stole it-I think I blogged I was gonna do that last year.

They posted the table of contents last week, I only saw it just now.

"Visitor Bob," a unique look at the bogeyman by Ellen C. Maze
"Divide and Conquer," wherein author Greg Mitchell looks at a different kind of vampire
"Running Late," a vampire tale by Pauline Creeden
"Closet Commentary," Teric Darken's tale of voices in the night
"Willing Blood," A vampire tale with a twist by Kat Heckenbach
"We Create Them," Thomas Smith's look at poverty through a lens of horror
"Invisible Intruder," by Stoney Setzer
"Twelfth Night," a Christmas story by Sean Philips
"Psychobabble, Toil, and Trouble," in which Stephen McQuiggan laments the loss of our monsters
"Of the Lake," JR Roper's tale of aquatic terror
"More Lives," a cat tale by Dana Bell
"Smoke," a good old-fashioned werewolf story or is it? by Jeremy Tyler
"Cornhusker," a tender, coming-of-age story (mua ha ha ha) by Tim Ward
"Holy Angels," Delphine Boswell's story of a church's uninvited guest
and of course
"Rolling in the Deep," a decidedly Lovecraftian tale by David West


What gave Papa Hemingway that head-wound?

Find out in my tale "A Good Home for the Spoon".
It is supposed to be up on November 1st in  Dark Eclipse Magazine
This one is my lost chapter of Hemingway's A Moveable Feast (one of my all time favorites)
I tried to make the piece fit as if it had been left out for some reason, perhaps because Papa wasn't sure himself if it was true or simply an absinthe induced nightmare.

This is my only tale where I have deliberately tried to sound like another writer.

So having three stories come out in one week is making feel like this writing thing is working out.


Keith said...


David J. West said...

Thanks Keith, this news kinda snuck up on me, and then I was like WOW!

Christina Dymock said...

I didn't see where I could read the one called Nephite Blood. I'm intrigued and would like to know more...

David J. West said...

Hey Christina, I'll message you.

Charles Gramlich said...

Excellent, man. Hard work pays off, and you've been putting in the work. Congrats!

David J. West said...

Thanks Charles, its an ongoing labor of love.