Sunday, November 4, 2012

The King in the Office

I'm working very hard this month at being more productive than usual-something I intend to keep going with momentum. I am not doing the NANO but I have been keeping that kind of pace with several projects at once, and in my minds eye I need to--to turn Pro. (yes, I am continually judging myself against the full on no day job pro's)

Looking back at my Preparing to Blitz post from earlier this year, I can see that a lot of things did get taken care of and finished, some are shortly to come down the pike (Garden of Legion, Rolling in the Deep, Make a Monkey Outta Me, A Good Home For the Spoon,) and there are plenty that have not yet been done either.

It's a double-edged sword. I am proud of accomplishments, yet disappointed I didn't do more that I set out to do.

I still have some pressing personal deadlines, some projects I simply wish to do and at present 3 projects I was invited to be a part of coming in the New Year - work on them is of course required sooner than later.

Oh, and that's not even counting several of we Space Eldritch contributors have discussed doing a sequel, Space Eldritch 2 already. I am very grateful for the response we have received thus far.

I am working on a short I hope to submit before the end of the month, The King in the Wood, it takes place partially in a Curio shop and as I was describing what was inside, I realized after I had typed it all down that I was describing a lot of things here in my office-Ray Bradbury's advice pays off.

It remains to be seen if I can pull off all of the goals but here are a few before the end of the year ~

BLESS THE CHILD that I want to release in Dec.
Turn in BLOOD OF OUR FATHERS for edits
Secret Project that is 95% finished
An essay on Heroic Literature (I at least have until Jan 30th-but better to have a rough done by New Years)
and there are probably a dozen stories I'd like to submit in various states of disarray.

Thinking about this, it is a lot, but I can do it if I apply myself.

And you wise readers? What do you do to keep that fire burning bright???


Charles Gramlich said...

I was thinking this morning on my commute that I really need to recommit myself to making progress each and every day. I've let too much time pass while I flail around.

Keith said...

I need to prioritize. Fiction writing first, reading and reviewing second.

Also, I've got to get more sleep. It's easier to concentrate when I'm not brain dead.

I mananged to get everything that was still in storage out over the weekend, so hopefully that will free up more time to write.

Angie said...

Good luck, David! You inspire me.

David J. West said...

I hear that Charles, its an ongoing battle.

Very true Keith.

I'm trying Angie, thanks.