Friday, December 21, 2012

Apocalypto 2012: No Excuses

I didn't get worked up back in the third grade when I heard on the news that some cult said the world was going to end. I heard they went up into the hills to await Jesus and came down the next day pretty disappointed.

I didn't worry about Y2K, and I wasn't too upset about some other hullabaloo between now and then either. When my HD TV died last night and then my keyboard connection to my computer fizzled - then I panicked.

As much as I credit myself as a barbarian capable of enduring all things, I enjoy my technology, I enjoy my entertainment perks and writing tools. Sure I have loads of books and oil lamps too if I need them, but when I have deadlines I want to be able to write.

Luckily my sister in law had a keyboard I could plug into the USB port and here I am. Did I then write since the ability was restored?

No. Copped out and fell asleep until after midnight and the lack of Mayan apocalypse.

Sometimes a miracle makes us lazy.

We look up at God and say "Oh, I took care of it myself, thanks anyway."

Maybe that's when the apocalypse really comes because you cheat yourself.

I have got to get more disciplined. I thought I was going to lose Internet for a week or so last week, and it didn't happen, did I work more? No.

Now, I'll probably lose Internet for a week or so right before Christmas - IF I don't get a lot of writing done that week (Christmas be damned) I deserve a flogging.

Happy Baktun 14 everyone.


Paul R. McNamee said...

I think the world fell into an alternate dimension overnight - to a universe exactly like our own!!


Happy shortest day of the year!

Angie said...

I know what you mean. I never get anything done when I have extra timeand no excuses. Almost like I have to write under pressure or something. Have a great Christmas!

Charles Gramlich said...

Man, you sound awfully human. I find myself somewhat disappointed. I was expecting you to be more of a super human figure. alas, I'll live with it. :)

David J. West said...

Thanks Paul, I need it to be short today.

Exactly Angie - I get way more done at deadline than any other time.

Appreciated Charles, I try though.

Keith said...

My illusions about you have been totally shattered. You mean you don't dictate to a pool of secretaries who type your manuscripts a la Erle Stanley Gardner?

David J. West said...

Sometimes I wish that were so Keith, I have tried to experiment with Dragon Naturally Speaking but have yet to get into a groove with it - it is actually slower for me to write with the speaking program (fixing all my verbage the program doesn't recognize yet). I suspect that IF I were in a groove it would be much faster but I just haven't had the patience to get there yet.