Monday, October 28, 2013

SPACE ELDRITCH II: The Haunted Stars

Just in time for Halloween reading!
The cold of interstellar space is again closer than you think as eleven authors -- including New York Times bestseller Larry Correia, Nebula winner Eric James Stone, Amazon #1 bestseller Michaelbrent Collings, and multiple Hugo nominee Howard Tayler -- explore what happens when space opera meets Lovecraftian cosmic horror.

A Darklight Call’d on the Long Last Night of the Soul – Michaelbrent Collings
Dead Waits Dreaming – Larry Correia
The Implant – Robert J Defendi
Plague Ship – Steven L. Peck
From Within the Walls – Steven Diamond
Space Opera: Episode Two—The Great Old One Strikes Back – Michael R. Collings
The Queen in Shadow – David J. West
The Humans in the Walls – Eric James Stone
Seed -- D.J. Butler 
Full Dark – Nathan Shumate 
Fall of the Runewrought – Howard Tayler

I've been pretty pleased with all the feedback I received for my first Space Eldritch tale, Gods in Darkness, online reviews generally said it was the best or the worst in the collection, which I just take to mean I am doing something right. I was tempted to do a sequel of sorts but ultimately opted not to, instead I decided to twist up a few expectations = instead of the protagonist going insane upon discovery of the Eldritch horror, I thought what if the Elder Thing was insane???
Hope you all enjoy and purchase SPACE ELDRITCH II here on Amazon or here on Smashwords.


Keith West said...

I'm going to get this, but there's no way I'll have it read by Halloween. Too many things in the queue. I won't even finish all my Halloween related reading by Halloween.

David J. West said...

I hear you Keith, that's life I am so behind on all my reading its not funny.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Space Eldritch II is out. Check.

Too far behind in reading. Check.

Still buying more books, anyway. Check.


Congratulations, David!

Th. said...


Man. I was told I would be invited to participate if there was a sequel. Bummer.

David J. West said...

Thanks Paul, much appreciated.

Th. don't know what to tell you, holler at Nathan.

Th. said...


Yeah, I assume he forgot. I'm not willing to be petty about it. I have another thing I want to work with him on anyway.