Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back to the Grind

I  just bought a new laptop, touchscreen etc etc. Really not sure I care about that feature at all, I get enough of that on my iPhone, but I wanted to get something as current as possible, my last computer is 7 year sold now and I have had strange word processor problems that would sneak into almost all of my projects not matter what format I used. So I decided it was high time to upgrade and move forward and hopefully leave all that chaos behind.

So new chaos is figuring out this system and it took much longer than I would have liked to get going on all my doc's but it is what it is.

I'll get some viable, worthwhile, if not entertaining content up soon.

As well as releasing my sword & sandals novel for charity, BLESS THE CHILD any day now, just formatting things etc etc.


Paul R. McNamee said...

I probably never exploit the full potential of any of my electronics or apps, but new "toys" are still fun.

Keith West said...

I've found I usually am only interested in a new technology (or an app) if I can clearly see how it will make my life easier. Otherwise I'm not interested in learning it just for the sake of learning it.

David J. West said...

I'm more frustrated learning this thing than I am actually using it, so it is vey much a double edged sword.