Monday, June 23, 2014

Birthday Book Bomb! Weird Tales of Horror

June 22nd was my birthday, on behalf of that, I am releasing my collection of short strange tales collectively entitled Weird Tales of Horror for .99 cents just for today!

I would sincerely appreciate your getting a copy and eventually leaving me a scathing review.

Among those who have had some kind words are the talented Wilum Pugmire and Bruce Durham

"With these tales of many lands and many peoples, David J. West combines an excellent prose style with a brilliant imagination to give us a solid collection of wonderful stories. This is a refreshingly original gathering of weird fiction." --W. H. Pugmire 

"David J. West, author of 'Heroes of the Fallen', is a strong voice in the field of Sword & Sorcery. His work is evocative, featuring deftly drawn characters, exotic locales and energetic tale spinning." -- Bruce Durham


T Bryan Vick said...

Got my copy. Great price too. Looking forward to reading it!

David J. West said...

Thanks Todd, truly appreciated!

Keith West said...

I almost missed this. Even though I switched platforms, I still use Blogger's feed for the blogs I follow. It is only showing one blog at a time for some reason. Glad I did a manual search on your blog. Book is in the queue.

Charles Gramlich said...

Got mine. Hope to have some time to read it soon.

David J. West said...

Thank you very much Keith!

Appreciated as always Charles, hope you enjoy it.