Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LIVE with the Freestyle Gargoyles

The video is live and remastered and here I am performing "Read Em' and Weep" my improv spoken word contribution to the Freestyle Gargoyles/ Space Balrog album.

I have to say I think my fellow Balrogs that did perform (4 out of 6 of us- Craig was playing bass, saw etc  and Dave Butler was unavailable) did a great job with their short story's - I was a bit off the cuff and therefore wasn't as cool, but tried to make up for it rocking.

I did give a shoutout to my friends books and realized after the fact I neglected to mention any of my own in my own crazed ramblings about books. Just goes to show what happens when you wing it - I have to think if we really worked hard at a studio album it would be amazing and I think I will talk to Craig about that someday - I have a multiple tapes from my garage band days that I would love to have good recordings of someday.

And you only see snatches of it here, but Craig's Media Rif studio is amazing.
Thanks again to everyone involved - these guys were fantastic and we all had a great time.


Melissa Parker said...

That end jam was highly entertaining. Nice imagery, too. "Bat from hell and a magical spell"- don't know the bat reference but like the line.

David J. West said...

Thanks Babe, some of that was nonsensical improv on my part.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Points for "Pigeons from Hell" mention, of course!

David J. West said...

Haha Thanks Paul!

Todd B Vick said...

You were really gettin' into it there at the end, David. Fun times!!

David J. West said...

Thanks Todd! It was a riot and like I said it was improv so I wasn't quite sure how it would go.