Monday, July 6, 2015

Into the Belly of Kathulos: UGEEK #6

Chapter 6 of Walking Through Walls: Into the Belly of Kathulos in issue #6 of UGEEK Magazine came out over the Fourth of July weekend, and I wasn't home to get a copy or really post about it until now.

It's got a great steampunk cover (and article inside) and a great cosplay centerfold of a steampunk Snow White by Mala Foxx.

I also noticed a author spotlight on my good friend Jason King, whose latest fantasy novel The Soulless Grave was just released today and an interview with a new facebook friend actress Wren Barnes.

This S&S fantasy noir is going places I didn't expect and I'm quite happy with it.

Thanks to my editors James Wymore, Holli Anderson and Bruce Durham for helping polish it up and I am looking forward to the next chapter that will be out in time for Salt Lake ComicCon. I am hoping that this mag helps spread my gospel and people start buying my other books. I expect that this particular tale will take at least another 6-7 chapters to wrap up and when its done I expect to release it myself for fun.
Mala's pic by the great Vladmir Chopine, who I hope to have do a portrait of me sometime - he has done magnificent work on at least half of my best local writer friends.


Keith West said...

"Mala's pic by the great Vladmir Chopine, who I hope to have do a portrait of me sometime."

If he does, make sure you have at least one of the guns. They're awesome. But lose the bow. You don't have the hair for it. (Neither do I.) Whether you wear the dress or not is up to you. Wait, that didn't come out right...


Tasteless jokes aside, thanks for the picture. It's terrific. The Evil Queen won't know what hit her. And I'm looking forward to you finishing this story and putting it up yourself. I want to read it. It sounds like this serialization gig is turning out to be a good opportunity for you, not to mention a lot of fun.

David J. West said...

It is a lot of fun Keith, I look forward to it finishing and putting it out there, I'm guessing it will be around a 20K novella, but its hard to say since a few new threads popped up in the original story-line.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Congratulations. Very neat that you have a steady gig, as it were.

Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely a great cover. And congrats on the story

David J. West said...

Thanks guys! I sure enjoy it and as I mentioned way back in 2011 when the first one hit, its cool feeling like a real pulp author since these are newspapers spread all over the tri-county area, undoubtedly lining birdcages etc - but hey I am PULP!