Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con Recap

Posting this now as a recap etc, etc even though another idea I'm excited about is brewing...

I just gotta get this outta the way.

I ended up on more panels that I initially posted about = that's pretty cool. I got to meet a bunch of great people, old friends and new. It was fun to sit down and not have any idea who some people were until they introduced themselves - during one of the writing panels, I was sitting next to a bearded guy I didn't recognize, probably around my height and then he says he is Brian McClellan author of the Powder Mage series and I was like Wow! Awesome! - I have truly been meaning to read those.

I did some other great networking and such with some other pro's and have laid groundwork for bugger better more in the publishing world.

I did not sell as many books as I would have liked but recouped my costs and then some. The real important thing I had to keep reminding myself was the networking.

In some ways I didn't have as much fun at this con as others in the past but in other ways this may have been the most important - business wise. Here I am repeating myself. I did get a number of books and gotta make the time to catch up on my overwhelming TBR pile.

and now a few shots etc...

 Me selling and signing some books.

Me and Rosanna Rocha, she has a great Red Sonja pinup - which is where I first knew her from. (she didn't do it this con though) the morning I found her she was cold and thus wearing these pj's  - I did share some more nubile pics earlier on twitter but I got in trouble - sorry Honey. In any case Rosanna did share a great story on how she started cosplaying as Red Sonja - it was her mom's favorite character from back in the day and she did it as a tribute to her mom and powerful women. Which I thought was cool.

While standing in line to get my special guest pass who ends up a couple people behind me? but Frank Coniff from MST3K, I let him cut in front of me and we chatted for a few minutes. super nice guy. He asked who I was and what I did and we had a nice short chat about these events etc. I've been a big fan of MST3K for about the last 20 years so it was great to meet him.


Paul R. McNamee said...

Yup. Networking is important. But I'm glad you made sales and had some fun, too.

Keith West said...

"I did share some more nubile pics earlier on twitter but I got in trouble - sorry Honey."

Yeah, I saw that picture. I wondered how you managed to get away with that as far as your wife was concerned. Now I know you didn't.

Brian McClellan is a great author. I need to read the rest of the Powder Mage books. The first one was fantastic.

We had our first ComicCon here where I live back in August. It was pretty small. I was going to take my son, but after looking at the lineup decided to pass this year. It was at the end of the month, and cash flow was drying up. The emphasis seemed to be on children's cartoons, and not the ones my son and I like, such as Phineas and Ferb. You should try to get out this way next year. I'm sure they'll have it again.

David J. West said...

Thanks Paul, I had to remind myself that I really did some fabulous networking and not be as disappointed over so-so sales.

Keith, yep - I wore out my allotment of such...

It was a nice surprise and I got to talk shop with McClellan about some of his own business plan which was huge to me especially since it mirrored what I am hoping to do i.e. books with a big pub and my own self-pubbed stuff.

I do want to make it to Texas next year, but will just have to see how things go.

Charles Gramlich said...

Getting ready to go to my own con this weekend. Looking forward to it, though man I will be tired on MOnday

Drew Briney said...

Sorry I missed you - I thought I walked passed every booth twice but I somehow missed yours - rats.

I had a great time too - met Tracy Hickman (really nice guy) and James Dashner (surprisingly humble) and several other best selling authors - fabulous panels this year.


David J. West said...

Looking forward to hearing about it Charles.

Drew, I felt I was not in the best position alleywise for people to find me, cest la vie. Next time!