Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Crypt Opens and Whispers Out Of The Dust is live

My latest is out! Get it here! or Here! Its a weird collection of shorts detailing the supernatural haunting of a forgotten western town by the name of St. Thomas.
Founded in 1865, it had a number of bizarre happenings until it was finally covered over by Lake Mead. It was once a pious Mormon settlement, the a wild west outlaw Mecca, then a sleepy little town that was doomed by the name of progress and need for water for Las Vegas.
That much is all absolutely true.

I have even taken a trip through the ruins of the Moapa valley and seen some the sights...

Perhaps some of the rest gets a little foggy on reality, or does it?

I had a lot of fun playing around with this one, I really got into ghost stories over the summer and the idea of finding lost terrible documentation fascinates me - so I found some to tell you about. ;)

Couched as if it is non-fiction I even went so far as to have a smattering of footnotes detailing real history along with the fiction. It was great fun and I hope makes for some creepy October readings.

Thank and check it out!

A Haunted Journey Through The Lost American West.

“Some things lost on the borders of dusk were never meant to be found.”

Documents spanning centuries relate the story of a forgotten valley brimming with magic, ghosts and evil. Published here for the first time these newly discovered papers grant a rare glimpse of the awful truth about this very real American Nightmare.

From the era of wayward conquistadors and pioneers of indomitable spirit on to the weird wild west of gunfighters, gamblers, and medicine men these authentic accounts stalk through the forbidden desert leading you to an oasis of eerie horror and occult terror.

Join us on a supernatural treasure hunt—but don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Keith West said...

Got it! I love ghost stories. And I love that picture of the building half submerged. Such beautiful art deco architecture. I can almost see a supervillain or the survivor of an apocalypse making that their fortress.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Good luck with this! I grabbed the Kindle version.

Is it just me, or doe that red clay lizard have a similarity to Tsathoggua?

Charles Gramlich said...

Great title and cover. Looks creepy indeed.

David J. West said...

Thanks Keith.

Exactly Paul!!!! It especially features toward the beginning, middle (Right Hand Man) and end.

Thanks Charles.