Monday, February 1, 2016

Doing the Work or Status Report

I had a goal to try and get something in to the Angry Robot open door, and I almost made it. (It closed yesterday)

I guess I did make it as far as the writing goal is concerned but I wasn't satisfied with my edits yet and didn't want to rush something out there that wasn't up to par yet.

Angry Robot would be a great company to get published with, but I'm going to finish my edits etc and start pitching the book to agents.

The book itself is In My Time of Dying. I started it this last summer, only intending a novella or a short novel and it grew and grew, and my wife and I talked about the commercial appeal and so I put it on hold to do another pet project Whispers Out of the Dust but now I'm back at it and I'm going to make this one helluva fun action adventure novel, with a little bit of Steampunk and whole lot of occultic magicks. I was born out of jamming to Led zeppelin and thinking of my own story to go with it.

I think if it as True Grit meets The Prestige. I need to come up a great synopsis and pitch and all but in a nutshell, its has dueling sorcerers, I'll hold ff on you the reader knowing which one would be the good or bad guy. Our heroine, Eliza Dee gets recruited in San Francisco 1875 to valet or transport one of them, she also gets Porter Rockwell to be her muscle (as my regular readers may know, I've done a lot with Porter in weird westerns and this touches on that but he is a supporting character here) I utilize a  lot of real 1875 historical persons and events, which for me is fun.

It is kind of a road trip action adventure book and I'm excited for it, but when it comes out who knows?

Also I've spent a good bit of time this year so far on my tale for the forthcoming Redneck Eldritch, a twisted companion to the earlier Space Eldritch books. At first I was like what? I don't wanna do that, but then I thought about how much I loved Sam Peckinpah's CONVOY when I was a kid, so I'm running with that and doing a twisted Trucker in the Dreamlands tale. Its bigger than I planned it is a full blown novella, so IF for some reason, Nathan Shumate of Cold Fusion Media does't like it/doesn't fit the theme well enough, I'll self pub it and give him a shorter darker tale.
Because I did have an awful lot of fun with this one too, my two main characters channeled a lot from the Big Lebowski and that's just the way it came.

That's just a promo cover, I expect we'll have the fabulous Carter Reid do another but I don't know much other than I have read a few of my co-authors tales and they are top notch!


Paul R. McNamee said...

Good work! Keep at it!

David J. West said...

Thank's Paul you too! I'll try and get to a review of A Lonely and Curious Country by the end of the month - your tale rocked!

Mr. said...


I'm excited to read yours.

David J. West said...

I'll get to yours soon Theric.

Keith West said...

Will Eliza Dee turn out to be a descentdant of John Dee?

Good work, way to keep your nose to the grindstone. I look forward to reading these.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds pretty interesting for sure.

David J. West said...

Keith, yep.

Thanks Charles.