Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Emerald City Comic Con Recap

I could'a should'a would'a posted this if not Sunday, Monday, but even then I was too tired yesterday. So Wednesday it is for what happened last Friday etc.

I flew out of SLC last Thursday night, landed in Seattle late. We (Jason King and Holli Anderson and I) enjoyed our chatty shuttle driver. We got to the hotel, right near the Space Needle and find out that Jason and I (who were sharing a room and we find out it had only one bed) The night manager brought a rollaway that barely fit in the room - it literally blocked the hall to the bathroom.

Jason got the rollaway.

We had breakfast then went downtown to the convention center. Loads of people were already there first thing in the morning but we got in without any real delay. We got our guest passes and started looking around for friends.
I'm used to a very large virtually one level con here in Utah, But Seattles' was multiple levels and floors and when we looked for the room our panel would be in I got us lost, because I took us to room 302, instead of T302.

I'm glad to say T302 was big room and once we did our Space Balrog game it was almost full of people.

Earlier, we met with pal Dave Butler, and a few others I've met at cons before. We saw some great cosplay and the Weta Workshop booth. Ireland Reid as Daphne (above). This was  a fantastic Ant-Man cosplay.
This is Cara Nicole = AZ Power Girl (who I met at FanX) she is currently running for the AZ House of Representatives. Wish I could vote for her.

These Masters of the Universe guys were great.

I bought a DVD from the Zombie Orpheus Guys and I highly recommend you check out their "Dorkness Rising" or "Journey Quest" parody fantasy movies = funny stuff.
Vera Bambi - very nice gal.

After lunch we walked down to Pikes Place Market, I bought some books and took a pic of a wonderful Cthulhu statue - really wish the guy had been willing to sell it but then I wouldn't have sold it either. It was great talking to him - he knows his pulp stiff we talked about how we wished there would be a Kane movie - he didn't have any Karl Edward Wagner books - it impressed me that he knew exactly who I was asking about.

We met up with Jason and Holli's marketing publicist Nikki of Curiosity Quills, she was very nice and took the group pic of us - not her fault it was dark. This Choose Your Own Apocalypse game was between Holli's Aliens (Interplanetarians being the politically correct term - this was Seattle after all) - Dave Butler's enraged ancient deity, Emmerod  of the insatiable itch and I was an Illuminati Service Representative.

I did very well in our initial debates, getting a lot of laughs, and briefly did some table dancing but ultimately Butler won out. I still can't believe people chose hemorrhoids for their apocalypse but alas we made some new friends and gave away some T-shorts Jason had made that unfortunately had a typo on our website logo.

We then went out to dinner, had some laughs and flew back to SLC the next day.

It was a good time and I'm looking forward to World Horror Con the end of this month.


Keith West said...

Sounds like a blast.

David J. West said...

Thanks Keith, it really was!

Charles Gramlich said...

Looks quite a bit bigger than our local con

David J. West said...

It's not as big as SDCC or NYCC or even SLCC for that matter but i was told 80k so it was still the second biggest I've ever been to.

It had a chaotic convention setup but a lotta interesting people and I made some new friends so its all good.