Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happenings 'Round These Parts

I'm off to Emerald City Comic Con 2016 tonight.
 My good friend, Jason King, arranged for us to be guests and do one of our Space Balrog: Choose Your Own Apocalypse audience participation games. Along with Holli Anderson and the gentle giant Dave Butler we're gonna rock the con tomorrow night.

One thing I love so much about going to con's is hanging with friends and meeting new people and considering I haven't been back to Seattle in a couple years I'm looking forward to it.

On the writing side, I'm almost done with my story for Jason King's Valcoria anthology, then I've got to jump on the next chapter of 'Walking Through Walls' for the next Utah Geek issue.

And I have made great progress with two novels ~ In My Time of Dying and Blood of Our Fathers. I'm hoping to have both finished by summers end.

I've been told that I should have a short Porter Rockwell piece, Six-Gun Serenade out in Hangmen & Bullets come May.

And my novella "At the Highways of Madness" will be released the end of this month at my next scheduled con - World Horror Con 2016 - so conveniently located just a bit down the road from me in Provo, Utah this year.

The story is kinda like The Big Lebowski going on a dream quest to Unknown Kadath.

Here's a look at the cover  just in case you haven't seen it yet.


Charles Gramlich said...

That's a cool cover. Man you are rolling on the productivity! Good to see. I'm hoping to catch up on some reading once summer gets here. These last few weeks of school have been buzzzzzzzy

David J. West said...

I believe it.
You keep rocking Charles!